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Alisha's Personal Essay

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 A New Life


     It was a boiling hot day. I took the honors of and sat directly in front of the fan after recess. It was only about 12 minutes into social studies when the phone rang. Mrs. Vasievich answered the phone saying, “Mrs.Vasievich’s room, yep, okay, not a problem, I’ll send her down. Um Alisha your going home, bye.”


     “Bye,” I whispered grabbing my belongings and rushing out the door.

            With mixed emotions I thought, yes I get to get out of school early, but at the same time I thought, I wasn't notified that I was going home early, oh no is my mom or Zach hurt or Is there something wrong with either or them.


     “I don’t know,” I accidentally said out loud.


     After getting my backpack situated I headed toward the office. On my way down to the office I realized that it was my Aunt picking me up and not my Mom. That gave me the idea that something was wrong with my Mom and not Zach.


     “Come on Hayley let’s go,” Jenna said while walking out the door.


      I followed her out the door and to the car.


     “Where are we going?” I questioned. No answer it was silent for a while up until we reach our destination.


     “We’re here,” Jenna announced.


     “Wait why are we at the hospital?” I asked.


     “Because your mom went into labor with Danica about ten minutes ago,” She replied.


     “Oh ok,” I muttered.


     As soon as we got up stairs and to my mom’s hospital room I gave her a hug, kiss and a good luck hand shake and went to the waiting room.


     After many hours of waiting, Danica was on June 9th, 2011 at 12:26 am.


     “Knock knock,” I said as I entered the room.” She is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen, I commented. “Can I hold her?” I asked.


     “No not tonight honey it’s late and her daddy hasn’t got to hold her yet. I’m sorry, I promise you can be the first one to hold her in the morning.” My Mom argued.


      “Okay,” I replied.


     The next morning when I returned to the hospital I saw that my stepbrother Andrew was holding Danica. When I seen that, I turned around and walk out the door. That night I learned that not all promises that people make too are kept.

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