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Alisha's This I Believe Essay

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     I believe in love. If love didn't exist there would be no point to life. Love completes your heart. Also without love I'm all alone. These are all reasons why i believe in love.


     If love didn't exist there would be no point to life, is my first reason i believe in love. I think this is true because because without love there is no one. I can't rely on anyone anymore.


     Love completes your heart.I believe this because without love I fell like there I'm missing something. In other words I feel like there is an empty space in my heart.


     Finally I feel like without love I'm all alone. I think this way because when I don't have anyone to love I don't have anyone at all.


     In conclusion love is real and without it I'm not the same.Oh and a lot of things that tie into love and love is truly possible.

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