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final Reflection

Page history last edited by Ethan 10 years, 9 months ago

My final  reflection

    I think using wiki page is not that hard because i can typing very fast ,and some times when I work with some body else it's easy for me to erase or edit it ,I think the writing it's very important for my first ,It was hard for me to writing a paragraph but now it was very easy for me and I learn many new word.

    when I read some thing I will read for two time the first time I will do a fast read so that I can understand what is the paragraph talking about then My second step is read again this time I will think what I cannot understand I will asked some question during this time I will also take some notes, Notes is very important for every thing especially when I Listen to teacher I will take some notes i will learn how to using computer more better and that comnputer is a very good way to explain I Think It's a important part.

    I like wiki so much so I'm agree to use it,because I can type fast so it didn't have many trouble for me to use it ,second wiki can make my writing assessment  in order and It will look pretty. using wiki page can let other people to look at what I wrought so It's a kind of share so I like to using wiki page. 

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