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The last life

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The last life (science fiction story)


The future has changed. High tech robots and computers are taking over. Robots are taking over jobs because they don't have to get paid. And humans are getting jobless. And humans are loosing their jobs and going home less. And robots are taking over, and humans are getting dumber because humans no longer have to think or do because the computers are the ones that are thinking and doing stuff for humans. As humans are getting dumber robots are becoming wiser and intelligent. And humans are trusting the robots too much. They are replacing teachers with robots. And the government is being ruled by robots. And humans are letting robots past laws. Humans have became to reliable at robots. And there's robots are being elected presidents! And humans are making robots so that they can help humans, and soon the robot population is gonna be as much as the human population! Humans are being replaced. What has the world turned into.









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