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Prime Time

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Prime Time

By Zachary, February 12, 2013, 4thhour


     “Amy turn it up, I want to listen,” I commanded my eleven year old brat of a sister. She made a face and snatched the remote from the leather chair. The T.V. had been on channel 216 for the past hour. I eagerly listened to the emergency presidential speech as Amy slumped over on the couch looking bored. A silence went over the crowd looking at the steps of the capitol building.


     “Why are you watching this on T.V. David?” She mumbled. “You could walk three blocks and watch it in person.”


     “Why would I walk all the way over there?” I said, still on the edge of my seat.


     “So I can change the channel,” she said as she rolled her green eyes at me. Finally the president stepped up to the podium.

“Citizens of the United States,” Gretchen Whitmer began. “After pondering long and hard, consulting my staff, and thinking of what’s best for our country. I have made a decision to not help these aliens and not give them the oxygen they need.” I was not surprised by this choice, although I was not sure what the aliens would think of this. Just one day ago on Friday, March 15th, 2023, intergalactic life contacted our president. From what I had heard on the news they had told our president that their planet was dying and they needed oxygen.


     “Can I change it now?” Amy asked ready to push the button for channel 220.


     “Knock yourself out.” I stood up and meandered into my bedroom, closing the door behind me. I had a test on Monday anyway; she could have her T.V. time. As I finished my third math problem, the sound suddenly blared from the other room. Frustrated, I opened the door and yelled, “Amy turn that thing down!” But then it happened, I expected some obnoxious come back, but there was none. Being my curious self, I went into the den. Amy sat there, drooling over the T.V. some wacky show with weird colors bouncing over the screen was on. I grabbed remote and shut it off. “Amy, I told you to turn it down!” She again just sat there, until a minute later she was silent.


     “You should really watch “The Show” David, it really speaks to me.” I raised my eyebrow, this wasn’t like her. She had a look of such determination. It just creeped me out, so I said,


     “Amy I don’t care about some stupid show, just keep it down okay?” I slowly walked out of the room. Before I left she said,


     “We NEED them David, they will make everything better.” That crossed the line; I was officially not talking to her for a couple of hours.



     After I got past that weird incident that morning, I tried to get Amy away from the T.V. While mom and dad were at work, they didn’t want her watching over two hours. No matter how hard I tried I could not get her away from the T.V.I studied basically all day and every half an hour or so, Amy would come in and interrupt me. She wasn’t interrupting me because she wanted to annoy me (like always), she would come in, and say something like,



     “Come on David, you REALLY need to come watch “The Show” with me, it will change your life.” Or maybe, “Just for a couple of minutes David… please.” Now that was a word I hadn’t heard in a long time. Every single time she had a look of such desperation on her face. Finally after another two hours of trying (mom and dad would kill me if they found out that Amy watched that show for four hours!), I got her away from that thing. Being able to relax, I went and got a bag of chips from the kitchen and turned on the T.V. As scrolled through the 2,000 channels, I finally came to channel 220. It read “The Show.” This was a very strange title and it didn’t take me very long to realize that this was the show Amy had been watching. I was skeptical,


     “Just to get her off my back I could watch it,” I thought. “Then I could also see what all the fuss was about.” Just as I had made up my mind, the T.V. automatically changed to the news. I was confused, what was so important.

“BREAKING NEWS,” Robert Iscaac stated clearly. “All around the globe people are questioning these strange protests which started occurring roughly an hour ago. In countries from the United States to Japan thousands want world leaders to help the aliens that contacted the United States president, Gretchen Whitmer. What or who is causing this big of an influence of the people of planet Earth? More on this story after the break.” Now I was even more confused. This was the beginning of something bigger, I could feel it. I was about to turn the T.V. off to go get more to eat, but something caught my attention. “On a more minor note,” Robert Iscaac continued. “Television viewings are through the roof for a new show called “The Show.” It has reached millions of views in only the first hours of the premiere. In fact, I am going to go home right now and watch it, just kidding. And now for our weather with Joe K…” that’s when I shut it off. I had had enough dealings with that show for one day. I went back to my room until mom and dad got home, scarfed down my dinner, and went straight to bed.




     I slept in most of the morning and slowly got up like a teenager should. I strolled out of my bedroom and made myself some scrambled eggs with orange juice to drink. I sat down at the table as Amy was finishing her cereal. I was interested because she was all dressed and it was a Sunday. She normally would laze around until about two, then actually do something productive. She suspiciously walked out the door then went to a jog once she got to the end of the street. What was I doing??? I was her older brother, if anything happened to her mom would… well, I won’t go there. I shoved the eggs into my mouth, sprinted into my bedroom and threw on a sweatshirt, a pair of jeans, and sneakers, and I rushed out the door. As I ran full speed down the block I realized something. I had no idea where she was going! I would start with downtown. I kept running and I just kept thinking,

“A fourteen year old can track down his eleven year old sister in Washington D.C. … right?” I was dead when mom and dad got home. I first checked the local candy store because Amy has an extreme problem with eating sweets. Not there. I then checked out the various shops including the bakery, the clothing stores, and the Laundromat. Sweat was now trickling down my face from the morning sun. I sat down on a nearby bench to catch my breath. As I panted, I watched two boys run past with signs headed toward the capitol. I was out of ideas, so I followed them. I then saw them. A gigantic crowd of people were gathered near the capitol almost all with signs or pumping their fists. Chants pierced my ears like,

“WE NEED THEM,” or, “THE WORLD WILL FINALLY BE A UTOPIA!” It suddenly clicked. This was what the news was talking about, these people were protesting on helping the aliens. I made my way through the crowd until I was at the front, and you will never guess who was there… Amy. She, like everyone else, was cheering and shouting to help the aliens. I quickly pulled on her shirt and spun her around to face me.

“What do you think you’re doing? You’re coming home right now.” She pulled away from my grasp and said,

“David, I’m glad you’re here, did you watch “The Show” yet?” She had that look of determination again. I didn’t like this.

“No, I haven’t watched that show why do you care so much?” I must have said that too loud because a random guy standing next to Amy got a stern look all of a sudden. He turned toward me and said,

“You haven’t watched “The Show” yet? We NEED them, they will give us everything!” He put a firm hand on my shoulder, instinctively I was about to run for my life, but something stopped me. Out from the capitol came Gretchen Whitmer, our president. She went up to the podium, everything fell dead silent. It was amazing; it was as if someone had hit the mute button on the world’s sound system. She spoke,

“After further consideration and hearing from the people of our country, I have changed my mind and decided that we will help these “people” and give them what they need.” It remained silent. My eyes were the size of baseballs, I said,

“WHAT?!” But my disapproval was silenced by an overpowering cheer from everyone in the crowd, except me.


When I finally pulled Amy away from the crowd, the whole way home she had a creepy grin on her face. When we got there, I ran into my room and locked the door. I lay down on my bed. I began to cry. Tears flooded down my cheeks onto my pillow case. I heard that show from the other room and the floorboards creaking which meant Amy was skipping. I heard her gleefully saying,

“They’re coming, coming to save us. They’re coming, coming to rule us. They’re coming, coming to help us!” I was so alone. I had lost my sister to a hypnotizing T.V. show and aliens were coming!!! Great. All I could do was wait. That night, I heard Amy leave the house around seven, mom and dad worked late on Sunday’s so they weren’t home. I peeked out of my room to make sure my sister wasn’t still there. I crept out of the front door to follow her. After twenty minutes of sneaking around she had reached her destination. We were back at the capitol. It seemed like nothing had changed since this morning, President Whitmer was still up on the podium and there was still an enormous crowd, except, they were all looking up at the sky. I knew why. I couldn’t believe my eyes, a giant pair of head lights flashed on the grass. A boom indicated that the black ship had landed. A cheer bigger and grander than the one this morning broke out among the crowd. People chanted and screamed there was whistling and shouting. Then, there was a light, the door had opened, you could feel the excitement within the air. Then, it walked out. A creature not more than six inches tall walked out. He/she wore a cape and majestic crown. It was blue and squishy, with black eyes that stared at the crowd. Gretchen Whitmer made her way over to the creature; she had the biggest smile on her face just like everyone else. Finally, they were only about three feet apart; she began to bend down with her hand stretched out to greet it. I then, watched in horror as it swallowed the president whole.


The End.



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