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Jail is a Lonely Place to be (Poem)

Page history last edited by anufriye513 11 years, 5 months ago

Jail is a lonely place to be.

I have stripes on my clothes,

I am confined to the shadows,

the next cell is my foes.

They call me, "What's your name, Joe?"

I call back, "I don't deserve a name anymore."

It's a depressing place,

with chains on my fists.

I cry the days and nights away,

I am on the police record list.

My family is ashamed of my ways,

everything is smoke and mist,

everything is blurry and in a haze.

I don't know who I'm angry at,

maybe at my mistakes,

But I do know one thing,

the crime I did wasn't fake.

It was real.

Jail is a lonely place to be.

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