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Paul-Science Fiction

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A Portal Adventure

It is done! December 30, 2999.  We took a step back and looked at our prize possession because today is the day we finished a time machine.  At least we think its a time machine.  We, the team of scientists, have not actually tested the machine yet; we are afraid that it might not work and someone will get stuck in another time zone.

We began by sending a little probe in the portal. The probe is a small robot that has a small camera in it and it helps us scientists to view what the probe is viewing.   The portal is oval shape with a ring of metal around the entire oval. The metal keeps the portal there and if the metal is not around the portal, then the portal could grow bigger.  

December 31, 2999. Since the probe was a success and it safely returned from the portal, we decided the next step was to transport a person.  

John volunteered to be the first human to go into the portal.  John is 23-years-old and just graduated from college in space engineering.  We were all nervous and anxious, but John was very calm and stepped into the portal like he was entering his own house.  We began taking data and before we knew it, John had been in the portal for one hour and has not returned. We suspected the portal on the other side was probably moved and he could not find his way back to our present day.

Our next subject included a sixteen-year-old boy named Sam.  He stepped through the portal with confidence and excitement.  Sam was in the portal for an hour and returned looking like a caveman.  He had ripped clothes, he could not speak at all, and had long hair.  Our estimations suggested that the portal sent Sam back in time to prehistoric times.  

Finally, our third subject was one of our own scientists named Austin.   I volunteered to go into the portal myself.  As I carefully stepped through the portal, I saw purple lights and my body felt dizzy.  However, once all the dizziness stopped, I opened my eyes. The portal it was amazing! I saw extinct trees, dinosaurs, and a Dodo bird.  The dinosaurs were not even bothering me. The grass was the greenest I have ever seen in my whole life and the air was clean easy to breathe.  I decided to sit down below a beautiful Pine Tree when i accidentally pricked my finger on a sharp pine needle.  My finger began to bleed, and all of a sudden I looked up and five T-Rex Dinosaurs were surrounding me and the tree.  I did not move because I knew they are blind, so I froze and they began walking away. I decided at that moment to go back through the portal as fast as I could.  

I found the portal, and ran through it hoping it would take me back to my scientist friends and our lab.  When I opened my eyes, I was back in the lab, but it was empty and the lights were off.  I looked at the clock and noticed it was New Year’s Eve.  I wrote everything down about my portal experience, and joined my friends to ring in the new year!


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