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not in this family

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 Not In This Family


          “Ann! Where is my backpack?”


          “Lisa! Do I look like I have slightest idea!?”


          “You’re my mother Ann! You should know!”


          “You know the rules! Nobody in this town calls their family by their position!”


          My “mother” and I have been at it for 16 years, and I am 16. I’ve been talking since I was born, thanks to doctor’s brilliant operation. S0, as long as I can remember, “dad” is Bill, “mom” is Ann, and I’m not “cousin, niece, daughter, or grandchild.” Even though those truly are my positions in this “family”


          “Found it!” I yelled to Ann.


          “You don’t need it Lisa! You are going to the dentist with Bill!”


          “Ugg jeez mom!” I yelled, but slamming the door behind me before hearing the lecture.


          As Bill drives up to Dr. Paul’s office, I glare at Bill, showing cold hate in my eyes. We get out of the car, and hurry into the lobby. Bill signs some papers, and we are immediately told to enter.


          “Well, Long time no see, Elisa!”


          “It’s Lisa…” I correct under my breath


          “Well Bill, She needs her wisdom teeth pulled.” Dr. Paul tells Bill.


          “I’ve had them taken out!” I panic, but no one seems to hear me.


          “Is there a large price?” Bill asks smoothly.


          “Around $200,not bad”


          “I’VE HAD THEM PULLED! SEE!” I open my mouth to demonstrate, but they still can’t hear me. I screamed LOUDLY, no difference…


          “Sounds like a plan Paul” Bill smiled as he stacked a wad of 10s into his hand


          I ran. It’s all I could do. They were about to pull teeth that wer'nt even there, and they couldn't hear me! And Bill, DIDN'T HEAR ANYTHING!


          I  sat in the grass & thought. First, Ann forgot to tell me I had a dentist appointment, then Bill & Paul forgot that I have had my wisdom teeth pulled. Then, when i thought about Bill, when I was looking into his eyes, his eyes were... red... not aqua as usual... red, and now that I think about it, so were Ann's, and Paul's...


            "YIKES!!" I yelled as my cell phone vibrated in my rear pocket. I pulled out my phone, and scrolled down to my new text;




           "What?" I say, totally confused, for a number of reasons actually...


           I got home, walked through the door, and fainted.


           Many people can't think while unconcious, but I can. I fainted, because my mother, Ann is a robot... It all makes sense... the red eyes, the loss of memory, calling me by my position in the family.


           I can also feel things while unconcious... I felt pulling in my mouth, my wisdom teeth...


           I woke up, feeling cold and worn out. I climbed up the stairs, and was about to grab my pajamas, when i saw myself in the mirror...


          "I am a robot..." with no wisdom teeth...



                                                        by: Jessa

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baumdrah968 said

at 9:46 am on May 22, 2013

i love this story!

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