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smart things (my Sci-fi story)

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                                      Smart Things


  "Wake up Mary" Sally said

   Sally is my sister she can be abnoxious sometimes but I love her. Sally is younger than me but acts like shes older than me when we are around other people.

"Mom said go to school"

" Wait a second im tired i need a couple minutes to get ready"

" Mary school is in the living room"

" i know that" Since two years ago school is a holagraphic person who is your next door neighbor. Those things are very technical. They never miss a thing you do i hate them. When i went to the living room i had my homework ready to go.

"what is the date" she asks

"March 1st 3012" i said

"Well great itsabout time you checked the date when you woke up" she said






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