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The City Of Ember

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     The city of Ember is about a city with many troubles. Food and water shortages, and light bulbs flickering on and off, scaring the citizens of Ember. They need to find their way out to survive. Many attempts to leave into the unknown regions have left them depressed. Darkness surrounds them and they have lost everything inside of the city.

     Many people are involved in this book, but the two main characters are Doon Harrow, and Lina Mayfleet. The mayor at this time was very selfish and greedy. He doesn't even care if the city is going down.

     The main conflict is that the city is old and falling apart. The city is around 200 to 220 years old since the builders built it. They have run out of resources and the constant flickering of lights is becoming a problem. At first, they would be off for a couple of seconds, but soon, they were out for more than 10 minutes, which was creating fear in the people that the lights might go off forever one day.

     The resolution is the instructions, chewed up and torn apart by Lina’s sister, Poppy.  Now their only way out is to decipher the piece of paper and follow it.

     The author of this book is Jeanne Duparu. There are 270 pages in this book.

     What I liked about this book is how it was a story about adventure and a journey. There was so much suspense, that I couldn’t stop reading, and I finished the book really fast.

     What I didn’t like was how it was more of an easier book. There wasn’t really any challenging vocabulary in the book. It kind of seemed basic, when it came to reading level and the text.

      I would recommend this book because the theme and journey is really interesting. If you like fiction and adventure, this would be a good book. And don’t forget to read the sequel, The People of Sparks.

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AKabodian said

at 8:37 pm on Mar 13, 2013

I liked your honest recommendation of what you liked and disliked about the book, Supritha.

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