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julie the pack of the wolves by Jaquelin

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Julie Of The Wolves book Review


     Julie of the wolves was by Jean Craighead George had 170pgs.It's about a girl named Julie who got lost on the  North slope of Alaska.She somehow has to find a way to find and get food.But she doesn't know where to get any.But then she saw a pack of wolves and remembered that her father figured out a language for the wolves and how they react and what it means.She remembered that her father brought home some caribou back from hunting,but really a wolf brought it for him. 

     Julie tries to get the wolf to notice her to tell him that she is lost and that she is hungry,but the wolf wouldn't look at her.She named all of the wolves,she named the leader Amaroq.So she spends all her time trying to get the wolves to like her.One day the wolves killed a caribou outside her tent and she thought she would go and get some before all of the wolves eat all of it.

     The portion of her meat she buried her meat in the ground because she remembered that if you dig far enough it gets cold and it's like a freezer.One morning she woke up to get some of the meat and she sees one of the pups digging and trying to get her meat,and she yells. Amaroq runs to the pups safety and Julie backs off and goes off to mind her business.Basically she has to act like one of the wolves to keep her alive.

     I liked the book because it's adventurous and it has wolves it and I find it a loving story between humans and pack of wolves.And that it's a good book if you are in a bad mood this book lifts up your mood because of the loving story between them.

     I would recommend the book because it's a really fun book and it keeps you on your toes and it makes you not want to put down the book.And I like how it talks about the actions of wolves and what they mean and how they live,and how they live in the wild and this book makes me want people to stop hunting the wolves.

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AKabodian said

at 6:21 pm on Mar 16, 2013

Well thought-out summary and recommendation, Jaquelin.

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