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The Alchemyst

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The Alchemyst:

Book by: Micheal Scott

Book Reveiw by: Hannah Albee


This is a adventurous book about siblings with spectacular powers and a strong relationship. Sophie and Josh Newman are visiting San Francisco for the summer. Their parents are at an archeology dig, and Sophie and Josh both have jobs, luckily right across the street from each other. But one day, when Dr. John Dee and his minions visit Nicholas Flamel's bookshop(the one that Josh works at), the twins realize that not everything is as it seems. For example, Josh's seemingly 40 year old boss is actually hundreds of years old! He and his wife, Perry(Pernelle) have stayed alive by using the elixer of life found in the Codex. This is the book that contains the secrets to the  world. So when Perry is captured by Dr. John Dee and he steals the book, Nicholas thinks that all humanity will be destroyed. For Dr. John Dee and his bosses, the Elder and Next Generation races, do not think of humans as people. They think of them as food. Luckily, Josh has ripped the last few pages of the book out, and now Dr. John Dee is after them. Then, running from Dee, Sophie and Josh discover that they are the children of the prophecy. While Sophie acquire something that Josh wants to share? Will their relationship crumple? Will Dee get the Codex? Will the world that we know end? 



     What I like about this book is that it's action packed, and it had surprising twists and turns. It kept me on my toes until the very end. 


     What I dislike about this book is that it did kind of drag on in certain parts. It could also be confusing, because I wasn't sure when it was Josh's perspective, and when it was Sophie's. 


     I would definitely recommend this book. It is a satisfying read, and I hear the the rest of the series is wonderful as well. 


Warning: 300+ pages-not written for weak readers.


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