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Voices From Afghanistan

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Book review by Jon Hollister


      Voices from Afghanistan

             by Allen Zullo


   This is a book about battles and actions that showed great valor and selflessness. These teeth gritting stories told about rescuers that jumped from helicopters to save wounded soldiers, medics that had to crawl a 200 yards with no combat or protective gear and no cover to save his seriously wounded buddies, and and ambushed that pitted 15 Americans vs 300 Taliban. these and more thrilling tales that test these men to their limits and beyond, as they answer to the call of duty.

     This book gives you a taste of the action and harshness of urban firefights and mountainside ambushes in Afghanistan. War is brutal and unforgiving, and this book will show you why and how. These stories tell of how fighting for days with no sleep or food, Americans have to defend themselves against Militia that outnumber them 3 to 1. 

   I would very much recommend this book to anyone interested with war or the military, or just anyone that's looking for some action. If you are looking to go into the military this book could either encourage or discourage you from joining. this book is a quick read, only about 150ish pages, but that's plenty of pages to soak up all of this books story. The book itself doesn't really have a story line or plot itself self, buts its overall main idea I think what the author wanted to tell us was that its about the man next to you, at least, thats what i got from the book. all in all 4 out of 5 stars, and great for anyone looking for a quick read to pass the time.

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