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storm breaker

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Alex rider

In Storm Breaker written by Anthony Horowitz

And boom goes the dynamite. Storm breaker was an explosive action story about a kid named Alex Rider that becomes a secret agent that his Uncle Ian Rider worked for. After what most people thought was a death of Ian rider caused by a car accident Alex is put to the test in training camp and on a dangerous mission that takes place in the headquarters of sale enterprises. After being sent to investigate by Alan Blunt and Ms.Jones. Alex is forced with the will to finish the mission his Uncle had started.

            The most exciting part of the book was when Alex Rider was investigating the death of his uncle and was almost crushed and shot! It had you wanting more! Wondering what was going to happen next! So overall I defiantly recommend this book because it is exiting and full of twists. The author purposely leaves you hanging in suspense. 

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