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Book Review- Distant Waves

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Distant Waves

Novel of the Titanic

By: Suzanne Weyn


Book Review by: Mikayla


     I wondered before I read the book if it would be like every other Titanic story out there.  Turns out it wasn’t at all.


     There are five sisters; their mother is a medium.  The girls are Mimi, Jane, Amelie, Emma, and Blythe.  (Amelie and Emma are twins.)  Jane wants to be a journalist.  At the beginning of the story Mimi takes Jane to New York to interview the great inventor Nikola Tesla.  The interview would be entered into a contest to win an internship.  The interview went great!  But Mimi found a job for her self that would take her to Europe.  Despite Jane’s pleas to make Mimi stay she wanted to go anyway.  Once back in her home, Spirit Vale Emma and Amelie start having weird dreams that are linked.  They soon discover that the twins are telepathically connected.  Soon later their mother’s psychic idol asks her and her family to come to a medium convention in England.  They go and have a great time.  On their way home Blythe who is the youngest gets a nanny job on board the Titanic.  Amelie, Emma, Jane, and their mother are going to meet her in New York.  Before the boat lifts off one of there mother’s future telling friends tells them the Titanic is going to get in an accident.  The three sisters sneak on board to get Blythe off the Titanic.  Instead they get stuck on board a ship that is doomed.  Distant Waves is by Suzanne Weyn, is it 319 pages long.


      I liked how this book was different than other books I’ve read about the Titanic.  It had a different level to it.  I liked the part about the psychics, mediums, and ghosts.  I also like the fact that it was told from one person like a diary.  Throughout the story there were plenty of twists and turns that kept the story interesting.  I really liked the book.  Probably the only thing I didn’t like was the sadness at the end of the story but obviously there was going to be something sad because of the somber topic.    


      I would definitely recommend it to other seventh graders, mainly girls because it is a love story and is set from a “girly” perspective.  Some boys might like it but I think the book was written for mostly girls.  Boys could enjoy it also I just think more girls would find it more fascinating than most boys.

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