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aurora borealis

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Aurora borealis


  By: Katilynn


In the country of starlight there lived a girl named aurora borealis, she was the best dancer in all of starlight. One day while aurora was on her daily runs when a strange woman asked her if she was aurora borealis the famous dancer. Aurora nodded her head, right then and there the strange woman started to glow and become beautiful it was then that she recognized the woman as Hera the queen of the gods. Hera started to speak “I am mad that you dance better than me and demand that you teach me every thing you know” “I don’t want to teach you for you are a bully and do not deserve to learn from me” aurora said. “How dare you call me a bully for that I am going to punish your village for it” hera said “no pleas don’t harm my village I will teach you just pleas don’ hurt my friends and family because of me” aurora said. “ It is to late  for that now but because I am a generous queen I will spar your village  and only curse you from now on your skin will change colors depending on your mood you will be a freak and will never be loved” hera said and with a swoosh of her wand the curse was put a pone aurora. That night when aurora returned to her village she was made fun of even though she was the one who saved the town from Hera’s wrath and was forced to leave the village with nothing but a broken heart. When she returned to her parents house they did not want her and told her that she has brought sham to this family and can never return to it. That night Aphrodite the goddess of love could feel auroras broken heart and on that night she lifted her sprit into the night sky were she will be able to dance freely across the sky with her colors all around her making her look more beautiful then ever and from that moment on she would never be a figure of sham but a sign of beauty that no one could ever take away from her.  

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