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Myth: The Story of the Clouds

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Myth: The Story of the Clouds


     Salona, the goddess of sheep, strolled contently through the lush green grasses of Scotland. Her long golden hair flowed behind her as she walked, and her sparkling white dress swished with each step took. Her glistening green eyes gazed around the fields. Besides a pair of pearl earrings, Salona wasn't fancied up.

     And that was how she liked it. She respected the noble forms of the other gods, but she preferred to be plain, just like her sheep. Quiet and gentle.

     Suddenly, Salona's thoughts were interrupted as a small lamb came trotting up to her. Immediately, Salona was on her knees stroking the lamb.

     "What is it? What's wrong my dear?" she asked softly.

     The lamb "baaed" several times and Salona's pale face took on a look of worry.

     "Let's go," she said, when the sheep was finished.

* * *

     Salona and many other sheep were gathered around a skinny, shaking sheep who was lying on the ground. As a greeting to Salona, the sheep "baaed" weakly.

     "Hello my love.  You're going to be fine. Just rest your head on my lap," Salona whispered, gently taking the sheep's head in her hands.

     For a few moments, there wasn't a sound.  But then the sickly sheep's eyes closed and his body went limp. All of the sheep started to "baa" in mourning.

     Salona looked up with tears in her eyes. "He lived a good life. He will always be remembered."

* * *

     "Salona! Sister dear! What are you doing here?" a tall man with soft golden hair and fancy blue clothes asked, as he walked toward Salona.

     "Hello Bringo! I am here to see Zeus," was all Salona said.

     "Oh what a coincidence! Me too!" the god of time exclaimed.

     The two siblings sat in the large, tiled waiting room in Olympus. The walls were golden with portraits of the gods on them. There were wide marble pillars spread out evenly in the room. Several arched doorways led to different rooms.

     Zeus soon came out of one of these archways and nodded at Salona and Bringo. He then turned to Salona.

     "Miss Salona. This way please."

     Salona stood up and followed Zeus, hurrying to keep up with his long stride.

     Soon they came into another beautiful room. This room had plush carpet and silver walls. There were large windows all around the room. In the middle of the room was a long wooden table. Zeus pulled out a chair for Salona to sit in, and then sat down himself.

     "Now. What was it you wanted to see me about?"

     Salona took a breath and then said, "Recently, one of my sheep died. I love all my sheep dearly and had an idea of a way for everyone to remember them. I came to ask your permission if I could put the wool of my sheep into the sky?"

     Zeus sat in silence for a moment. He loved his sky. But he also thought Salona was a very nice goddess. It wasn't asking too much to put some wool in the sky.

     "Go right ahead," Zeus nodded.

     Salona smiled and thanked Zeus. Then, she left the room and walked back to the room where Bringo was waiting.

     "How was your visit?" Bringo asked, trying not to sound like he was prying.

     Salona laughed. "Oh Bringo! You are so curious!" Salona quickly told Bringo her plan. His face grew angry and he stood up.

     "No Salona! You need to let time do it's thing! Don't keep the wool forever! Let it pass with time! No, no, no!" Bringo angrily stormed out of the room.

     Salona was startled. How could Bringo say that? What could he mean by it? 

     Bringo came back out shortly with a smug smile on his face. "Leave things to time Salona."

* * *

     Salona was happy and warm. She was lying on the ground, surrounded by her beloved sheep. And above her, the wool of past sheep floated along in the sky.

     Salona's happy thoughts were quite literally blown away, as a strong wind picked up. Her sheep ran around wildly and headed towards their pens. Salona stood up, turning her face away from the wind.

     That was when she noticed the cloud. It was a huge dark cloud that seemed endless. It slowly rolled across the blue sky. It seemed to wipe away the blue and the white wool, and devour it all.

     Salona could barely stand up against the wind. She tried to take a few steps but it was useless.

     Salona looked around for a place to take shelter. The sheep pen wouldn't work. It was too small for her. As she was looking around, Salona noticed a figure flying towards her. With a loud crack, her brother Bringo landed beside her.

     "What did you do?" Salona asked icily, now oblivious to the wind.

     "If you won't let time take care of things down here, then time can take care of things up there! That black puff is all the wool of your dead sheep." Salona winced at the word "dead". Bringo continued. "That wool is getting dirty. Time is taking over Salona! Your wool is growing old! I asked Zeus if I could do this, and he said yes. He also said he doesn't have time to deal with sibling arguments Salona. So knock it off and it will be better for everyone!"

     Salona felt like her arm had been torn off. In fact, she felt like her whole body was being torn into pieces. For every piece of wool dirtied in the sky, Salona felt more pain. Her fists were clenched; an action almost never done by the gentle goddess.

     "Bringo! How could you do this to me? Why can't you just for once have sympathy?"

     "I am the god of time. I know things need to pass with time." And with another crack, Bringo was gone.

* * *

         Salona silently walked across the black and white checkered floor of Bringo's mansion. He was standing at a large window that overlooked a mountain range.

     She had left her dear sheep and traveled to Bringo's home. Now she wasn't so sure if that had been a good idea.

     She'd have to try.

     "B-Bringo?" Her brother turned slowly, an eyebrow arched.


     "Can we talk?"

     Bringo didn't say anything, but he walked over to some velvet chairs and sat down.

     Salona exhaled slowly. "I realize that things do need to pass with time. And I know that you think that very strongly. But I strongly love my sheep. I will allow them to get dirty once and awhile. After all, they did get dirty quite a bit down here. So, yes, you may have my puffs age, but could they turn white again? Please?" Salona had poured out her heart with this speech.

     Bringo looked at Salona for a long time. Finally, he spoke. "Yes. And, I'm sorry Salona."

     "I'm sorry too," Salona said, and the two siblings hugged.

     From that day on, there were white and black puffs in the sky. But the black puffs always turned to white puffs after a nice rainfall from Zeus.

     And Bringo and Salona never fought again.




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