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The Birth of Constellations- Myth

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The Birth of Constellations

By: Sandra Tran



            Aphrodite was putting on some foundation when she heard the doorbell ring. “Just one moment please, I’ll be right there,” she said as she was walking downstairs. She walked downstairs and asked, “Who is it?” The person did not answer her question so she decided to open the door to find out who was there. On front porch was Hephaestus on one knee holding a big bouquet of flowers covering his face.   


” For you my love”, Hephaestus said as he stood up to give the big bouquet of flowers to Aphrodite. She quickly took the flowers, said thank you, and closed the door on him. She was not in love with him; she barely liked him as a friend. But he was madly in love with her and he could not stop thinking about her.


            Hephaestus wondered why Aphrodite closed the door so quickly after she received the flowers without saying anything but thank you. He was positive that once she received the flowers, she would instantly and finally fall in love with him. But his plan did not go the way that he planned it to be; it backfired instead.


            Aphrodite did not like Hephaestus; she thought that he was a selfish jerk. Even though she came from a rich and powerful family just like him, she acted nothing like him. She was always kind to people, but on the other hand, he was always so mean to people. Most of the time, she wished that he would just leave her alone in peace and quiet already. But her wish sadly does not come true.


            Everyday after the first one, Hephaestus would come by her house and give her a bouquet of flowers. She got so sick of accepting them that she decided not to open the door anymore when he came to give them to her. One day, Hephaestus came as usual to give Aphrodite her daily flowers. Aphrodite planned on not opening the door again, but this time, instead of giving her flowers he asked her if she could possibly go on a walk with him instead. She happily said yes because for the first time, he didn’t bring any more flowers for her. Hephaestus brought Aphrodite so many flowers that she had no more space in her house to put them.


     As they were walking, Aphrodite and Hephaestus started talking to each other; Aphrodite realized that she did like Hephaestus a little bit. Hephaestus then surprised her with some red roses instead of a mixture of her daily given flowers. But this did not amaze her. She was so sick of flowers! This time, instead of giving her the flowers how they were, Hephaestus learned a new trick to try to impress her with. He then threw the roses into the night sky and they turned into bright and shiny stars. Aphrodite had already seen the trick by some other gods, so it did not make her love him that much. Hephaestus saw the look on Aphrodite’s face and could tell that she was not amazed with his magic trick. So he quickly waved his hands up in the air some more and turned the stars into a constellation of her face.


            No one has ever done something this romantic for her before, so she finally gave in and fell for him. At last he finally got her heart. He was so happy! He had finally reached his goal that he has planned for nearly two months. Then they started going out on dates like normal lovebirds and eventually, Hephaestus asked to take Aphrodite’s hand in marriage. She gladly accepted his request.

About a year after they got married, Aphrodite finally announced that she was three weeks pregnant. Everybody in the city celebrated their good news because they had been waiting for this news since the day after they got married. When she was nine months and five days pregnant, she gave birth to a little boy. Hephaestus and Aphrodite named their little son Osiris. Osiris was going to be the god of constellations because he was the result of Hephaestus and Aphrodite’s love.

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