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Myth Miriam

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Many tears

By: Miriam Atteberry

            Make sure to look at my Adonis link so you're not confused! 


    The Greek Goddess of love, Aphrodite had many children, all of whom she loved. But, by far, Castellan was her favorite child. Castellan was charming, handsome, strong, and loving to his people for on earth he was the son of a king, one day to be a king himself. Aphrodite fought over him with Persephone, the Goddess of the Underworld. Persephone had never forgiven Aphrodite for what had happened to Adonis so of course she would want to take Castellan from her.


It was difficult finding help being the goddess of love. Aphrodite was always making people fall in love and made everyman around her feel like she was the only thing that mattered. They would never help her, and Aphrodite didn’t like any of the female goddesses because they were always getting jealous of her.


     Aphrodite didn’t want to go to the king of the gods, Zeus. She didn’t want to go to him because she was afraid she would split up Castellans time between her and Persephone.


     She didn’t have much of a choice, so she went to him. Zeus not wanting to help, rolled his eyes, “How is it that you and Persephone are always arguing over someone? If you cannot fix the problem in 10 days neither of you will ever be able to see him again.” Aphrodite walked away flustered. She knew that Persephone would never give up. Her only choice left was to go to her son.


     Aphrodite went to the child whom she hadn’t seen in months. Recognizing her immediately Castellan ran to her. Aphrodite explained what was happening, Castellan nodded as if he understood. “I do not wish to leave my kingdom.” He said.

            As much as it hurt Aphrodite she knew the boy did not want to leave the place he had grown up, so she understood.


            While Castellan slept that night Persephone snuck into his room. Thirsty for revenge she thought of getting Aphrodite back for taking away Adonis, Persephone was going to kill castellan. While she hung looked at the young child sleeping she couldn’t do it, she couldn’t kill him. Persephone wanted him for her own, so she took him and hid him with her in the underworld. She took away all of his memories of his old home and he was perfectly happy.

            Once Aphrodite found out Castellan went missing she went crazy. While in Olympus she cried for days so many tears they began falling to the earth covering many lands, even causing floods. People had to move into desserts because water covered their homes. Even the desserts began having the richest soil. When the other gods finally got her to stop crying vast oceans covered the earth. Aphrodite searched for years to find Castellan, when he became older Persephone felt bad and gave him his memories back. Aphrodite was able to see her son once again. Once she figured out that Persephone was behind it she never forgave her.

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