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Terpalchore and Arodona Myth:Jazmyn

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One day, in Mt. Olympus, there was a talent show between all of the Greeks besides Zeus because he was the judge. Every year at the talent show Terpalchore, the muse of choral song and dance wins because of her incredibly flawless voice. That's why this year she's not entering, so I'm going to ask her nicely to give me the talent of choral song,  i'll be sure to win. And she has to say yes because I’m Arodona and everyone loves Arodona.


Today, is the day of the talent show and I'm going to go ask Terpalchore to grant me with the gift of song. That way, i'll be sure to win!


     "Hello great muse Terpalchore." I said.


 "Hello Arodona, why do you wish to speak to me?" she said .


     "I would like to have the gift of song please." i said.


"I'm sorry Arodona, for you have a heart of greed and you love to to brag. Gifts are granted to those who are wise and have humble hearts. Until you prove that you can be wise and humble, I can't grant you with that gift.” Said Terpalchore.


     I said, "But I am very wise and humble! I'm probably the wisest and humble person you’ll ever meet!" brags Arodona.


 “You have just proved my point by bragging about how humble and wise you are, which clearly you aren't. Now please leave, I'm sorry." she said. And that's when I left, it's never been possible for me to be humble. And I'm not all that wise either. Oh well, guess I'll try another god or goddess next year.



The moral of the story is not to be greedy, but humble and wise.

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