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The first Meet of Many

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The First Meet of Many (Personal essay)


     It was a Monday in July, and I was giddy. There were butterflies not just flying in my stomach, but also racing, bumping and twirling around.  It was my first swim meet, and I was practically dancing in my seat on the car ride over to Dewitt. But soon, all of that changed. The first person I saw was my friend Gabby, and it was her first meet too. We were both very excited, and we couldn’t hold it in.

     The meet soon started, and for about two hours Gabby and I cheered for everyone in our club during their events. I cheered for Gabby during her events, too. But soon, it was my turn in an event. My heart was racing as I stepped onto the starting block. My legs were shaking, and I took a big deep breath. Then, the noise that has always creeped me out every time I heard it sounded, but I barely heard it. I was already in the water. I was swimming as fast as I could; luckily the event was only a fifty-meter freestyle, which was just to the other side of the pool and back. Soon, the wall was approaching. I stretched out my arm as my fingers touched the side of the pool. I looked at the scoreboard, and I had gotten third place clocking in at 35.7 seconds. Not bad for a first race! I was very happy. By this point, I wasn’t nervous anymore.


After another hour or so, it was time for my next event. This time it was a one hundred meter freestyle, which was there and back two times. This time, when the noise sounded, I wasn’t nervous at all. I swam with all my might, and on the final 25 meters, I sprinted as fast as I could. I reached out my hand, and my fingertips touched the wall. I was breathing very hard. I hopped out of the pool and went to grab my water bottle, without even glancing at the scoreboard above the pool. Gabby ran up to me.

“BERKLEY!!” She yelled loudly. “You won!!” I paused.

“I did?”

“Yeah!” She engulfed me into a huge hug. I couldn’t believe it.

“Oh my gosh!!” I yelled loudly. I did at little dance on the side of the pool. I looked up at my parents, and they smiled. I was very happy.

Later that night, the final standings came up. I had placed in the top ten of the 100m in my age group. Once again, I did a little dance. But I was very hungry and tired. I was very proud of myself, and was really ready for my next meet!

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