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Essay, More Clubs!!

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Essay: Clubs in The Future


Just imagine walking down the hall and seeing signs for art clubs, writing clubs, book clubs and more. To me, I think this should be the case at MMS. I think this because we would be more active after school, we could make new friends with our same interests, and you can learn many new things and activities.


            First of all, I think that MMS needs more after school clubs because we would be more active after school, and you wouldn’t just go home and sit around. Even if you are active after school, clubs would still be a good option because it is good to be well rounded. Not to mention the fact that one-third of America’s children and teens are overweight, and if kids were more active the rate would go down.


            Secondly, MMS should have more after school clubs because you can make so many new friends. For example, my cousin loves to draw and paint and she met her two best friends at an art club at her school. I think that kids  who don’t have a lot of friends would make more if there were clubs with their interests.

            Finally, there should be more clubs at MMS because you can learn many new things. For example, when I was in fifth grade, I joined the chess club at my school. I knew absolutely nothing about chess; I couldn’t even tell you the names of the pieces! But, at that chess club I learned not only how to play the game, but I learned many different strategies to win.


            Now, as I hope you can see, it would be a very good thing if there were more options for clubs at MMS because we would be more active, we would meet new people, and we could learn many new things. Now there’s only one more question. Which club would you join?


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