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After My Father Left

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After Father Left (My science fiction)


     I was in my room, listening to my T.V.A tripod when my mother came in, rather pale-faced, and announced that I nuclear fight was spotted ten miles away, and we needed to go down to the bomb shelter my father had built ten years ago, having suspected that this would happen. So, my mother and I met my father and my Brother, Christopher, at the front door. I grabbed my coat and walked outside into the nippy air.


            The air smelled so thick of chemicals, I nearly gagged. Just ten days ago, the Chinese dropped a radioactive mega bomb in my tiny town of East Lansing, Michigan. So now, everyone in my city is radioactive that we can’t even move away, much less interact with people outside of Mid-Michigan. When they dropped the bombs, we lost all of our connection with the outside world, because if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be stuck here. People in those creepy suits you used to see in those old movies from the early 2000s would come and save us all. But, I think everyone has thrown that dream down the drain by now. Christopher opened the hatch to the bomb shelter and let me into the musty, dark underground.


            Once we were all inside, as if almost on queue, the fighter pilots flew through and dropped bombs down, and shot at each other. Out of the little window, we could see the drone with the U.S.A flag on it fighting the Chinese drone, endlessly. But then,




The drone from the U.S.A blew up, leaving the Chinese to drop whatever they would like onto us. I hugged tight onto mother and cried, and waited for the explosions of bombs to stop.

After about thirty minutes of silence, my father put on his radioactive suit and walked outside. I watched as he walked away through the little window on the roof, and was swallowed into the gas outside. My throat choked up and my stomach tightened I had a feeling he wasn’t coming back. After about thirty minutes, my mother suited up to go find my father, being the brave soul she is, and I wish I could be.

“Be safe,” she told us. “Do not go outside, for your own safety.” She kissed my head, and then attempted my brother, who dodged and pretended to gag. I began to try once she had shut the trap door and was outside. Christopher hugged, or at least he hugged me in his mind, and he told me everything would be ok.

After about what had seemed an hour, Christopher was sick of waiting.


“I’m done with this!” He yelled, at not really anyone but the wind. He stomped over to his suit and stuck his legs through the pants.

“NO!” I yelled at him. “Mom and dad are gone, I don’t want to lose you too.” The knot in my stomach was like when you tie a shoelace and it is so tight it cannot be undone.

“Antoinette…” he gulped. “ I’m doing this for mom and dad.”

“ Well then I’m going with you.”

“No, you can’t go, I need you to stay here and be safe.”

“That’s what everyone says! Be safe Antoinette! Stay here Antoinette! I’m tired of just sitting here. And besides, once you are gone for twenty minutes I would probably go out to find you.” Christopher sighed, and handed me my suit. I slipped the pants on and stuck my arms through the holes. Christopher zipped up mine, and I zipped up his. We put on our oxygen masks and looked at each other.

“Here we go.” Christopher whimpered.


            The outside was thick with chemicals. Everything was covered in gas, and when I looked behind me, I couldn’t see the door to the shed we were in. Suddenly, my head got very dizzy. I feel over and lay on my side.

“Antoinette!” Christopher yelled at me, but I could barely hear his deep comforting voice. Soon, everything went blank.

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li194 said

at 9:32 am on May 24, 2013

i think you have a typo

fortino468 said

at 12:57 pm on May 29, 2013

Whoa that was creepy, sad, and very good!!!!!

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