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Do Good or Suffer The Consequences

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There once was a man named Peter. Now Peter wasn’t a generally bad person...but here he is...stuck in jail. The crime he committed was robbery. He and his wife didn’t have a lot of money and they were trying their best to survive. The only thing Peter could think of was robbing one of the banks. It was a horrible thought, but he decided to do it anyways.


Peter had easially gotten away with it at first, but soon the police were at his door waiting to take him to jail. The police immediately took him to the squad car and drove off, leaving his, literally, poor wife in tears.


Anyways, his first few days alone were very, well, lonely as you could probably imagine. Until he got a visit from the dark and powerful Hades, lord of the Underworld...


Peter was sitting on his bed thinking of how sad his wife might be, when a huge flash of red and orange light quickly filled the room. Along with disgusting black smoke. Shocked, Peter looked up to see flames surrounding a huge, masculin figure in the center of the heat.


Peter had absolutely no idea what this was about or what might happen. The the huge figure spoke with a deep, bellowing voice, “I AM HADES. YOU MAY KNOW ME AS THE RULER OF THE UNDERWORLD. I WILL GIVE YOU A CHANCE TO ESCAPE THIS DUNGEON, OR COME LIVE AND WORK IN MINE IF YOU SHALL HAPPEN TO FAIL”. 


Hades continued to tell Peter that he had one chance to make things right with the people who sent him here,  but that it would be very risky.  If Peter says no, Hades goes off on his merry way back to his fire kingdom, and he stays right where he is.  If Peter says yes and succeeds, he gets to go back and live with his wife. But if he says yes and fails, he  has to go with Hades into the dungeon and become his slave for the rest of eternity. 


After some time goes by, Peter wearily accepts the challenge. When Peter is let out for his daily stretch, he was allowed to talk to the chief of police. After asking for another chance to explain himself and the chance for him to be let out, he just got sentenced to even more time in jail.  Since he had failed, you can kind of guess what happens next.



  •                                                             *                                                       *  



Later that night, the same burst of flames appeared in his room. With Peters’ heart beating fast so fast it seemed to almost pop out of his chest, Hades grabbed him forcefully by the arm. Without any words, he walked over to the locked door on the far side of the room. Hades pushed it open with what seemed like magic. 



As they stepped inside, they left the small city jail to now appear in a large, open land with dirty rocks and no vegetation in sight. They walked side by side for what seemed like forever, until they came to a large black gate that seemed to come out of nowhere. Hades opened it and motioned for Peter to go inside. 


There were flames everywhere. The flames appeared to be laughing at Peter’s failure; the way they flickered in the dim light. As Hades promised, Peter would become a slave. Hades made him work day and night. At one point, Peter thought he would be worked to death. It sometimes seemed as if that might happen.


But at one particular time as everything faded into an even darker night, Peter wondered if anyone would remember his last goodbyes while he was still on Earth. It was the end after all, and Peter was not afraid to die if he had to.




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