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The Importance of Individuality

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The Importance Of Individuality

Samantha Marable


in The Giver, Jonas experiences life in a dystopian society of sameness. I believe that this sameness is wrong for the following reasons: If everyone was the same, there would only be one perspective on something, possibly causing unjust things to occur. There would be no identity, therefore, no personality. You couldn't have new ideas.


First off, if there was only one perspective on something, then the community might make bad decisions. For example, when the plane flew over, they were going to destroy it, but because if the giver’s other perspective, he told them not to and prevented a potential disaster. Also, there could be a crime committed, and everyone may think it was the suspect, when it was not that individual. The need more than one opinion to successfully decide things.


Secondly, there would be no such thing as identity. Sure, you would still be you, but if you thought and looked just like everyone else, are you really an individual? You would have the same personality as your neighbor, live practically identical lives, and feel practically identical things. You are basically the same person. You need to be able to be individual. To be different.


Lastly, if everyone thinks the same, there would be no new ideas. Think back to thomas edison, or albert einstein, they influenced our world so much. However, if they were just like everyone else, none of their great discoveries would have ever been thought of. We need people to think uniquely and be individuals.


I hope that you now understand the importance of individuality due to identity of a single person, multiple opinions and perspectives, and thinking differently to come up with new ideas. Without these things, there would really be nothing notable in anyones history. Everything will be the same, the past will repeat itself over and over again.

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