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Giver final draft

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Sequel to the GIVER  (by:johnny)




Jonas now knows pain. How to see painful memories, Jonas starts seeing more memories, and the giver him harder memories so he can see through memories better. And he gets a memory of Gabe and him self, but he is not sure if it is him. and they are on a forest walking, and he can see someone in the corner of his eye. And its a person who more looks like Gabe. And Jonas does not know for sure. So the Giver tells him to go back to the sled memory and practice hes seeing skills there through memories. And he starts seeing more of the memory in the sled. And he gets to know the surroundings better and improves his skills. And then he goes back to the Giver, and sees the forest memory again. And finds out it was Gabe. and there both walking through the forest. And seeing the nature and color. And after Jonas gets a another memory that the Giver does now know. He seas a memory of a baby being born later on and the baby has a little star mark on his forehead and Jonas does not tell the old Giver. Then in the future the old Giver who trains Jonas to become a better Giver dies. And Jonas now masters the Giver requirements. And the skills. And then Jonas now has to trying the new Giver who was picked. And it turns out to be the baby he had a memory of. He realizes him from the little star mark on his forehead. And his name is Jose.










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