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sequel to the giver 888

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It starts out with Jonas and Gabe wake up in this community once again. Jonas was all healed up no bruises or scratches from his previous long journey to find elsewhere. Jonas very confused picks up Gabe and starts to walk out into the daylight. Jonas sees Fiona walk by, her long tinted red hair flows in the wind behind her. Jonas rushed to her side and asked her what happened when I was gone. But to his surprise she did not respond. She does not even acknowledge his presents. He starts to tap on her shoulder. Still nothing. Why can't she hear or see me. Jonas turns around luckily he still can see all the colors. He returns to Gabe who is sitting on the sidewalk by a fountain, and they start walking together to the place where the ceremonies are held. As they got closer to the destination Jonas started to hear screaming and crying. Jonas raced to where he heard the disturbing noises. People were huddled in the middle of the stage. They were yelling at the elders who stand before them trying to figure out what is happening. Close by Jonas saw people lying on the ground slamming their heads into the grass in an attempt to smash the memories out. The memories were back to the people and the people couldn't take it. Jonas jumped in the middle of the screaming citizens and tried to explain what was happening; but it was no use. Nothing he did would make them hear him. So he and Gabe ran to where the Giver would be. They found him in the room where Jonas had been given the memories. Sadly he could not see or hear them either. Jonas grew frustrated and Gabe was beginning to walk perfectly.

2 years later.

The community was still trying to process what had happened to them and why it was so painful to remember these things. When Jonas walked by the house of elders he saw Fiona standing on the steps of the building. The expression on her face reminded Jonas of the first time he saw the color red. Then he looked closer into her eyes and saw she was staring at the sky. Which Jonas saw as the color blue.

the next day

Jonas saw that Fiona was talking to a group of people. He walked over there and heard what she was talking about. She was talking about what she saw in the sky yesterday. She said something changed, but she couldn't quite tell what changed. The exact same thing that Jonas had said when he saw the apple change. Jonas then began to think that maybe he and the givers plan was going to work.

A year later

Jonas watched as everybody began to accept those memories. People began to see all the colors. By next week Jonas was sure everybody saw all the colors and the world was how it used to be again. The next morning Jonas and Gabe were walking downstairs to get some breakfast. They got to the last step but then from behind them they heard someone scream. Jonas quickly turns his head. It was his mother. She started running down the stairs very quickly. Jonas and Gabe just stood there because normally people would just pass right through them. In amazement she stopped at his side and wrapped her arms around him. She called for his dad and Lilly to come see him. At last they were all together again. A few hours later Jonas and his family went outside to celebrate his return. Jonas explained what had happened and everyone cheered. 

So in the end Jonas was seen again, the color was back , and everyone kept the memories. They realized that pain, love, knowledge, truth, history, memories, colors, laughter, and truth were risky and unsafe but are needed to live a life you would want to remember. 

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