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Paris's The Giver Essay

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The Giver “Essay”

By: Paris A. Lee 4-16-13


In this essay, I am going to analyze one issue that is in the Giver and describe my statement. Which is that the people in the book have NO FREEDOM!


First off I am going to talk about how they don't have freedom in picking their jobs! Getting a job is a very important part in life. So having it chosen for you is just wrong, they should have the right to choose their career path! If someone picked a job for you that you didn't like how would you feel! How would you react? That's all my point is.


     Secondly, I am going to explain how they don't have the freedom of family. They call their-selves family units, and they're only allowed to have 2 children per couple. That's sick. Even that they have to send a request to who knows have to send a request to who knows who. You chose to have as much family as you want, that’s the right way at least to me.


     Lastly, I am going to state how they don't have freedom of feeling, they're limited! Do you know what that means? No love, sad, happy, angry, confused, upset, almost nothing. Actually having feeling is another very important part of life. In the Giver Jonas’s dad “released” or murdered the baby without caring, they don’t know any better.


     So, of all these factors, I conclude that their main issue in the Giver is that they have no freedom, and it is very wrong!

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