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Sinking of Titanic Rough Draft

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    Research Project:Mysteries of Tiatnic

     The Titanic was one of the biggest boats made in the last century. The Titanic was a boat made by the White Star Line in 1912. The White Star Line made two big boats: Olympic and RMS Titanic. Both of the boats look similar, but the titanic was more luxurious and when white star line decided to make the titanic so large it was a very important decision. But in the first trip of titanic, it crashed on a iceberg and went to sleep under the sea forever! 


     The real reason the Titanic sunk was the Titanic's lookout didn't have enough time to see the Arctic ice or to see when it was too late. So, they didn't have enough time to avoid the iceberg. These two mistakes made the Titanic hit an iceberg from the side, resulting in a larger gap.



     The first trip that make titanic sinking it's very unbelievable. The Titanic really collided with an iceberg and sank into the sea? For decades, the real cause of the Titanic's sinking has been the focus of exploration and research scientists. It was a puzzling mystery of the century. You know, Titanic was called the "world's largest unsinkable ship."


      There are some other possible ways the Titanic could have sunk. The first one is :


Power laser beam breakdown

     In 1985, a marine survey in the bottom of the Atlantic finally found the Titanic has been sleeping for 73 years. They surveyed the wreckage before the lower starboard and found a 90 cm in diameter hole, and were people puzzled that it is that the big. The round hole edge is very smooth and regular, like a compass shape after machining of the cutting tool is formed.If the hole was from an iceberg, it would have been jagged, not smooth. HMS Saiz Huangli Seoul, in conjunction with the international group of experts on the bottom of the mysterious round hole in the front of the Titanic hull starboard underwater camera and measurement, confirm that the Titanic was a power laser beam strike wear the bottoms water and killed, should be in the hull of a bulbous bow at (Titanic bulbous bow) or the surrounding area leaving irregular-shaped hole marks or hull plate irregular cracking phenomenon, but the fact not the case.




     The second hypothesis is by two British researchers, Robin · Jia Dinuo,and Andrew Newton. In a recent interview with a British television interview, they disclosed a ground-breaking "Titanic" wreck conspiracy theory: the 1523 passengers and crew were killed in the event of the sinking of the "Titanic" not died of "natural disaster", but "the ship insurance fraud conspiracy" unfortunate victim of a catastrophic error occurs.

After years of research, found many evidence to prove that was sunk in the Atlantic Ocean is not "Titanic", but a different appearance of the White Star Line sister ship "Olympic" of Jia Dinuo and Newton! The reason why the White Star Line ship "perpetrating a fraud, to defraud insurance companies to cheat the huge insurance premiums to help companies tide over the economic difficulties.

     The sister ship hit by a case of induced potentially fraudulent

According both Jia Dinuo Newton said, the causes of things happen in "Titanic" starts its fate maiden voyage of the first 6 months. September 11, 1911, the Titanic's sister ship Olympic "in the left Southampton sea trials in the sea with a much smaller British Royal Navy cruiser" Hawk "took place collision, "Olympic" side of the ship is a serious crash barely return flight and docked to the Belfast Harbour.

     Unfortunately, when the White Star Line for filing a claim to the insurance company, the insurance company survey found responsible for the accident of his collision in the "Olympic" and therefore refuse payment. Matters worse, the very expensive cost of repair "Olympic", and will take a few months time. At the time of the White Star Line has been plunged into dire economic crisis.

Andrew Newton interview with reporters, said: "To make matters worse, the 'Titanic' did not sail on time, then the White Star Line shipping company will face bankruptcy." The Robin · Jia Dinuo, said: "The only way out of the woods is insurance fraud. Why spend expensive to repair the Olympic? abnormalities similar appearance, why not it disguised as Titanic transatlantic maiden voyage, and arrange for an accident to receive a huge insurance payments? "

The mysterious rescue boats arrangements in place

Well, if disguised as "Titanic" and "Olympic" hit an iceberg and sank in the Atlantic Ocean, the lives of more than 2,000 passengers on board how to do? Newton said: "White Star Steamship Company may arrange for a 'number of California 'ship, prior docked in the the iceberg infested area on the Atlantic wait' Titanic 'appears, once the collision accident,' California 'will be there to move away' Titanic 'on all passengers and crew. "

Said, "California" ship in the Atlantic Ocean, this is full of suspicious, in addition to the crew and 3000 sweaters and blankets, because it is not even equipped with a passenger of Jia Dinuo and Newton!

Wrong place of rescue brewing disaster

     Jia Dinuo and Newton, had everything works as "plan" However, "California" eventually made a mistake "Titanic" position and signal for help, not rushed to the wreck site in a timely manner for emergency treatment. Thus, the 1523 innocent passengers and crew paid a heavy price in the bottom of the sea.

Jia Dinuo, Newton and other conspiracy theorists believe that JP Morgan, the last owner of the White Star Steamship Company --- super rich from insurance fraud conspiracy mastermind.

     In fact, even in the eyes of the "Titanic" expert Steve Hull, "Titanic" and "Olympic" can not tell any difference. Hull said in an interview: "In our eyes, in addition to a different name, the two ships is exactly the same."

Well, the White Star Line in the end how to do the two vessels perpetrating a fraud, but not to an outsider find it? Newton said: "In fact, this is very easy, poor workers shall pay the amount of the company boss is a little bribery, you can easily Olympic number changes more like the Titanic, which means that only need to change with ship mark lifeboats, life jackets, stationery, and then put on a number of new carpet on the line. "Ireland

For this hypothesis I think is the most real one cause there had many prove for this hypothesis. And there is 


Six abnormal events that scam


     First, the journey of the "Titanic" fate, had suddenly changed routes, this may be the Titanic wants to rendezvous signal with the collusion of "California";


     Second, when "Titanic" encounter iceberg impact was seen first mate Murdoch even went to the tall ship's bridge. Murdoch may be in order to stand up high find rescue boats collusion trail;


     Third, the subsequent accident investigation report leak in the crew cabin, there is not even a pair of binoculars, this means that the prison hope Members will be difficult to detect traces of the iceberg;


     Fourth, the most suspicious, president of White Star Line, JP Morgan's behavior, he would have to take the "Titanic" maiden voyage, but in the two days before departure, he abruptly canceled a trip on the pretext that physical ailments but two days after the sinking of the Titanic, it was only to find that his French mistress tryst. In addition, there are another 55 passengers at the last moment suddenly canceled on board;


     Fifth, due to the temporary modification of the "Olympic", "Titanic", so many processes there must cut corners, so when the sinking of the "Titanic", it was found that some of the lifeboats on board even leaking like a sieve;


     In the end, the most incredible is that, more than 3600 items salvaged from the remains of the "Titanic", there is not even one thing inscribed with "Titanic" mark!


     That is the reason why This made me feel that  Conspiracy might is the real reason why Titanic is sinking. 

It turns out, the White Star Line really huge insurance by paying a claim, however, it also had ceded a large part of compensation for families of the victims. No matter what, the White Star steamship companies make money from this shipwreck.


When I look at the Titanic information I found another hypothesis of titanic Caught my attention it's about Rivet.



     According to the British newspaper "Independent" reported, the U.S. researchers said the construction of the "Titanic" cruise Northern Ireland shipyard Harland and Wolff shipyard to if strict rivets quality, "Titanic" sank speed maynot so fast, it is possible to save the lives of more passengers.


     The sinking of the Titanic Truth "author of the book said, overwhelmed by the shipyard for the construction of three new vessels as well as the White Star Line, the Titanic was built at the same time, Olympia, British Titanic. Due to the high quality iron rivets could not find what it needs, it will eventually buy a batch of poor quality iron rivets. The inferior rivets "Titanic" shipwreck disaster culprit saying years ago, the Harland and Wolff shipyard officials have been in denial about this statement.


          Of Fokker and Mai Kaite said in the book removed from the wreckage of the "Titanic" 48 chipping rivet rivet impurities. They commissioned a blacksmith in accordance with the same ingredients produced a new batch of 3 and type 4 rivets, scientists then use these rivets connecting the two one-inch thick steel plate - steel like "Titanic" on the hull steel same. Finally, scientists are beginning to exert pressure in the laboratory and bending steel plates riveted together, and found that 3 rivets can only withstand a pressure of 4000 kg, 4 rivets can withstand a pressure of 9000 kg.

A rivet can cause a huge boat to sinking why the people don't use a good rivet in the beginning? 


     April 12, 912 years is a tragic day , the tragic sinking of the British luxury liner Titanic voyage bound for North America. The shipwreck resulting in 1,523 people drowned, is the biggest disaster in the history of human navigation, shocked the world.There had many good hypothesis on the world but In May 2006, the last one to witness the event female survivors, died at the age of 99. At present, there are two women survivors are still alive, but they are in the accident were less than one year old, it will not recall the event, so The sinking of titanic became to a mystery forever.




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