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Roman gladiators in their finest

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By: Jack Sparrow, Hour: 2, 4/14/13

There have been many great empires. For example, Rome was a very famous empire, with lots of history. A great portion of that history was bloody, and brutal, about people dieing. And I’m not talking about wars; I’m talking about the gladiator battles. These battles were epic, a sight to see if you didn’t mind death. The life, types of battles, and types of gladiators were amazing. I think you should know that these gladiators were fierce men, and women, who lived and died in the arena.

The life of a gladiator was hard; you started out as a slave, being sold just so you could go die in an arena, harsh. Right when a gladiator was bought, he/she would be inspected by the person who bought the soon-to-be gladiator, because, hey, the owner wouldn’t know if (I’m just going to call the soon-to-be gladiator “he”, OK) he was going into the mines or what. Then, the gladiator was shipped off to the gladiator school. He would now only eat porridge and ash, and because he’s new, he wouldn’t be able to talk. Every moment of his time, when not training, he would have been shackled, because Mr. slave-buyer dude wouldn’t want his new prize to get away, or die for that matter. As I have now stated, the life of a gladiator was hard, but what they did was even harder.

If you have not picked this up, gladiators fought in an arena, to the death. After being bought and being shipped off to gladiator school, they trained, to stay alive. But one of the good things about this, or one of the less bad things, depends on your point of view, is if a gladiator (he) lost, it didn't mean he would die. The emperor of Rome or the most lavished person there would make the decision about his fate. The crowd determined all of this. If they wanted him to live, the emperor would allow that, but if they wanted him to die... you get the point. Another thing is that gladiators never showed fear, even when they are about to get their head chopped off, because they were trained that way. Gladiators wanted to make the fights as interesting as possible for the crowd. They did this by chopping at ears and limbs and not actually stabbing at hearts and those vital organs, unless the winner gladiator has the permission to. Yeah, they were very bloody, all for the entrainment of the crowd and there were many types of them to do this.

There were many famous gladiators.             Two of the most famous were named Priscus and Verus. They fought so evenly and well that they gave up at the exact same moment. They were both given freedom. Another good example is Flamma; he died at the age of 30, a long time for a gladiator. On his gravestone it has this, “Flamma, sector, lived 30 years, fought 34 times, won 21 times, fought to a draw 9 times, defeated 4 times a Syrian by nationality.” It also said on it “Delicatus made this for his deserving comrades-in-arms.” (Delicatus was a mythical inventor who made a giant maze) Finally, an emperor named Commodus boasted he had fought over 1,000 matches. He is famous by not only being an emperor but also a gladiator! The type of gladiator he fought as Sector, like Flamma.

There were many types of gladiators. Some were big and scary. Some were less scary but faster, and some were elite. Good examples of the elite were the Rudiarius. They were free gladiators that were free because the Rudiarius gave a good show. Another famous gladiator type was the female type. The female gladiators were more rare than the other types because some Romans didn't think that female gladiators should fight to the death. Another type of gladiator was the heavily armed gladiator they were tanks. Samples of the heavily armed are the Samnites; they were named after the people of Samnia, they wore a crest atop their helmet, and they had a shield and sword for each one. In addition there were the lightly armed, they were like sprinters because they had little armor, and tried to win from speed. A good sample of a lightly armed gladiator and one of the most famous types of gladiator was the Retiarus, a net fighter who had a net (duh) and a trident. They tried to kill the enemy by capturing them in the net and then repeatedly stabbed the guy he was facing with the trident. As you can see there were many types of gladiators, but also there were many battles.

There were multiple types of gladiator battles. One type of battle the gladiators fought in were sea battles. They took place in a amphitheater filled with water, with boats to accommodate for the gladiators great battles were the norm for this type of battle.  Another type of battle is the beast battle, when gladiators fought beasts like lions, tigers, and bears. These battles came before the main event, and were just another reason to shed blood for the happiness of others. Finally, the main event was bloody. It was 2 gladiators most of the time, just battling  it out, these took some time and usually ended in death. The day of a gladiatorial fights were epic, first came the animals, it would first be tricks and then it would turn ugly, animal against animal, animal against human! Many a thing did die in the colosseum. Then came the main event, just human carnage. People would bet, money lost and money won, people would die and some would stay alive! But on special occasions, the colosseum would be filled with water and boats would clash and the gladiators on them would clash as well! But the sea battles were more rare than any other type of battle. An old roman would find him/her self lucky if they ever saw a sea battle. At the end of the day, money is exchanged, bodies are removed and this essay ends.

In this essay, I have talked about the types of gladiators, their life as a gladiator, and the type of battles that went along with it. The gladiators faced life and death in the arena, and now they are gone. As they became less popular people stopped training them and it died. Gladiators are the "fathers/mothers" of modern sports like boxing, football(American) and Rugby. Throughout this essay I have written about the gladiator's  strengths and powers, as a fighter. So I hope you can now see, that gladiators were fierce men, and women, who lived and died in the arena. 








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