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Killer Whales

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Killer Whales

          Have you ever seen a killer whale before? Even though they have the word killer in their name, they are actually quite nice. Not once have they ever been seen actually eating a human before. They only attack humans sometimes and the only animals they actually kill and eat are seals,fish,and other animals in the water. The reason  killer whales do not eat humans is because they have a picky diet and because they are also so intelligent to know that we don’t taste good. Even though these big mammals of the sea sound scary they are actually very adorable, very accustomed  to reproducing, accomplished at hunting, and very intelligent when it comes to communicating.

          The killer whales are very accustomed to reproducing for several reasons . Female killer whales give birth to an offspring about every three to ten years. Every time a female gets pregnant, their gestation period is approximately from sixteen to seventeen months. When a mother is giving birth, the baby is usually born tail- first, but there have been some cases where the baby comes out head- first. After being born, the baby is pushed up to the surface of the water to take its first breath of air by its mother. When the baby is born, its skin is yellow and black, but as it gets older, it slowly turns into black and white. The first thing that a baby killer whale eats or drinks after being born is milk from their mother’s body, near the abdomen. The only thing that the baby eats/ drinks for at least a year after being born is milk from their mother. Baby killer whales don’t start eating solid food until the are at least one year old.

          Another characteristic about killer whales that makes them so wonderful is that they are very accomplished in finding their own food. Killer whales eat a variety of animals and they usually hunt in pods/ together. They eat fish, squid, seals, sea lions, walruses, birds, sea turtles, otters, penguins, polar bears, reptiles, sharks, octopuses, and even different smaller whales. Two techniques that killer whales use to hunt for food is by tossing their prey into the air and by slapping their prey until it dies. When they hunt, they usually travel in groups or packs that contain up to as many as forty other killer whales. Like humans, killer whales share their food but they do it in a different version that humans do. The version they do is when their dead prey is in the center of the hunting circle and one one whale goes in at a time and eats. After one whale finishes eating it goes out and joins the circle while another whale goes in to eat. How fascinating is that?

          Most importantly, a reason killer whales are intelligent is because they know how to communicate with one another. Killer whales communicate with whistles, clicks, and calls. But they also communicate with a method called echolocation. Echolocation is a way of locating an object or thing by a reflected sound. Killer whales use echolocation mostly when they are hunting rather than all of the time. During hunting, killer whales use echolocation to determine the size, shape, speed, distance, and direction of the object of animal in the water. The sound waves that are produced by the killer whales travel at 0.9 miles per second underwater, which is four times faster than through the air. Sound production is created by moving air between their nasal sacs and into the blowhole.

          Overall, killer whales are intelligent mammals of the sea. People often think that killer whales and dolphins are only useful because of their talent for entertainment, but in reality, they are very intelligent. Three reasons why they are intelligent are because they know how to find their own food, reproduce offsprings, and how to communicate with other killer whales.

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