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Alisha Alexander's Myth

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     In the land of Thumbelina there were two queens; Queen Catherine and Queen Ava. born as twins they gradually spread apart and had their many, many differences. Unfortunately like always one turned evil and the other turned good. Queen Ava was the evil sister and believed that there should be no color in the world esecially in the sky. while Queen Catherine was the good sister and believed that everything should be left as it is and nothing living should be harmed. Therefore Queen Catherine was caring for everything and that everyone liked her better than Queen Ava.

     One day in Thumbelina Queen Ava came up from the underworlds, which she ruled, and once again tried to drain the world and sky from its beautiful colors. Queen Ava started draining the color at the farthest possible place away from Queen Catherine's castle so she could drain  more color before Queen Catherine found out. Unfortunately (for Queen Ava) Queen Catherine found out sooner than she hoped for.


     Queen  Catherine rushed out to Rome as fast as she could to stop Queen Ava from draining the color out of everything for about the seventh time. When Queen arrived in Rome on her friendly dragon she caught Queen Ava off guard and her powers stopped  and Queen Catherine locked her up in the dungeon so the world and the sky could keep their color forever.




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