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Final Review

Page history last edited by atteberr242 11 years ago

     This year has been crazy, one of the craziest years of my life. It's been fun though, meeting new friends, and being in a new school. One of the things I enjoyed though was a few of my writing assignments. One of the writing assignments I enjoyed was when we could write about pictures that where on the screen like the "in this house" assignment. I really liked when we had free rights because I feel like when were in school we rarely get to choose what to write about. I also liked the group reading that we did but I wish our group was able to pick any book we wanted.  Also, honestly I really liked the research report and learning about a topic that I wanted, I thought it was really interesting. Last but not least, I liked poetry a lot but we did it for a really short time, I wish we could've done something more with poetry.

     Some of the assignments (like the research paper)  I wish we had more time on. Not because I didn't have enough time but because I think I would have been able to learn a lot more. I thought it was cool to have a wiki page because I can keep track of the things I wrote easier. Most of the writing assignments I did are on here so I didn't have to look for them and retype them late. Also an assignment that I liked that wasn't really educational was making the voki's, they were funny. One thing I didn't like about wiki was when I made one of my writing assignments all colorful and typed a lot more and I had to retype like half of it because it wouldn't save :( I was sad.

     This year I've learned lots of new things in other classes as well. Something I'm going to continue next year is using my planner because every time I forgot to use it this year I got really confused, it helped me stay really organized. I think this summer I'm going to keep practicing my Spanish and read some books so that I don't get worse at any of that. Also, for next year in eighth grade I'm going to remember not to use anything like Wikipedia or ask.com because they are not reliable resources for researching. Something I struggled with this year that I'm going to next year is turning things in late and getting behind.

     The last thing I learned this year is about Respect, Responsibility, and relationships. I now know that these things are important to follow to be able to learn and I'm going to try my hardest to continue the three R's :) Overall I had a good year this year, the teacher's were nice, the kids were fun, and I learned a lot, the only thing I don't like is that they made the food really healthy :( It's kind of nasty sometimes. Well, the 2013 school year is almost over :)

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