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Giver sequel preview

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The giver sequel preview

By: Lillian


Jonas opened his eyes and sees a strange man standing over him, Jonas felt Gabe squirming around. Jonas thought for sure he was dead but everything felt real not fake he couldn’t be dead. “Are you okay”? The man said.

Jonas opened his mouth but no words came out, am I okay, I must not because I think I’m dead, Jonas thought. “Sort of.” He said confused.

“Come inside you look frozen, I am Manny.” Manny said.

“Jonas.” He said.

Manny opened the door to the house Jonas couldn’t believe it the home looked just like the memory of love the Giver gave him the family and the tree and presents were all there, Jonas eyes opened so wide. “It’s beautiful”. Jonas said.

Meanwhile the community is rioting over all the horrible memories. “ Ladies and gentleman there is no need to fear these are the memories of the boy Jonas, of the people before us, we don’t need someone to hide them away forever.” The Giver said.

“What do you think you’re doing Giver?” The Chief elder said.

“We don’t need a perfect world.” He responded.

“Guards”! She yelled.

Two buff men came on to the stage. “Oh, Giver I guess its time for your release then. Take him away.” She said.

The crowd cheered they were happy that they would keep their perfect world.





                                                                                                                                                THE END OF PREVIEW



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