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The Giver and The Truman Show

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     The Truman show and the Giver are similar in many ways when it comes to the lifestyle of the main character and events that happen to the main character. Both In the Giver and In the Truman show, the main characters (Jonas and Truman) lived in what you could consider a utopian society (a fantasy world where everything goes perfectly). Along with that similarity, both in the Truman show and in the Giver, the main characters’ lives were controlled and managed without them exactly knowing. The last similarity I will talk about is how both Jonas and Truman uncovered the truth about their lives and escaped their communities. I now can see why Mr. Kabodian showed us the Truman Show after we read the Giver; you can make a lot of connections.

     The first similarity between the Truman Show and the Giver is the fact that Jonas and Truman both lived in what seemed to be a utopian society. In both stories everything went right; and if it didn’t it would be fixed immediately. Everyone was friendly and followed a daily routine. In Jonas’ world you aren't faced with any decisions, you can’t make mistakes, you don’t have feelings and you aren’t really faced with pain. In Truman’s society the people had a little more freedom. You can make decisions, you can make mistakes, there is pain and you can have feelings, but neither Truman nor Jonas had freedom in what they did, which prevented mistakes. Although it seemed to be a utopia, nobody had any freedom. This leads me into my next similarity.

     Both Jonas’ and Truman’s lives were controlled by someone else. In Jonas’ community weather, color, the people’s daily routine, the person they married, feelings, the children they had, the job they got and almost everything else was controlled! In Truman’s world his every step was recorded by a camera. His whole life was a TV set and everyone was an actor/actress; which means everyone had a script and was told what to do. Both Jonas and Truman were being managed and controlled without them even knowing! That is the worst part about it; you think everything is great, but it’s really not.

     The last similarity between the Giver and the Truman Show that I am writing about is how both Truman and Jonas escape from their communities after uncovering shocking secrets. Jonas finally realizes all that he was missing out on. He was missing out on making his own decisions, seeing colors, falling in love, choosing his own job, having his own children and basically creating his own life for himself. After being convinced by the Giver, Jonas escapes from the community he called home, left behind his entire “life” and set off to find a place that is not regulated. Similarly, Truman finally discovers that his whole life was a lie and makes the decision to leave the TV set that he called home. He escapes the set to find a place with real love, real nature, real relationships etc. Both Truman and Jonas wanted to live a life that they create on their own.

     You can make many connections between the Giver and the Truman Show. The main characters seemed to live in a utopia, they both were being controlled and they both escape after discovering secrets about their society. Both of the stories show a struggle for freedom and are great examples of how something can seem great, when it’s really not.


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