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Research paper titanic

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     Have you ever been on a boat sailing to New York City? On the Atlantic ocean? Well the Titanic has. The titanic is one of the most famous ships in the world. Millions of people know about the titanic. Let me take you on an adventure into the titanic. The titanic was a supposedly an unsinkable ship that set sail on April 10th 1910, but on April 15th 1912 sadly, the unsinkable sank. 


     The titanic was thought up of by two men, J.Bruse Ismay and William Pirrie. They thought of the titanic as the unsinkable ship. The two chief lines were the white star line and the cunard. The owner was the white star line. William Pirrie had constructed most of the white star line vessels. Both of the men J.Bruse Ismay and William Pirrie were planning to build this huge ship that would sail to New York City. The titanic was finally built on March 31st 1909. The titanic was known to the people on board that it was an unsinkable ship.


     The titanic set sail on April 10th 1912. The boat sailed out from Southampton England, but it stopped in other places to pick other people up in different countries. The ship was captained by Edward J. Smith. When the titanic set sail there were some problems with the ship, but they were fixed fast. All together there 2,200 people on board and 1,300 people were passengers. When the titanic was out a little ways in the Atlantic Jack Phillips and Harold Bride were getting warnings about ice bergs. They were part of the crew members. The two guys ignored the warnings.


     There were tons of things to do on the titanic. There were about 10 decks. For example there was an shelter deck, bridge deck, upper deck, etc. I think the main thing of the titanic was the beautiful grand staircase. There was swimming pools and Turkish baths. All of these activities made it so there were thing to do for first class, second class and even third class. 


     There was three and a half class systems on the titanic. There was first class, second class, third class and the half is the crew. The first class people enjoyed many nice things. For example Turkish baths,the grand staircase, a very nice smoking room, and lots more. The rooms were very big, there were 5 rooms within the room. In second class had somethings that the first class had. For example they had a pretty good smoking room a fair dinning room a library and some or rooms. There also was a fairly good dinning room. The accommodations were like first class accommodations only a little bit smaller. Third class ha a smoke and general room. They had simple plates,cup,etc. Their accommodations were very small. The crew members didn't have big rooms at all. Their rooms were smaller then third class rooms. 


     As the titanic got closer to the Atlantic, the crew members got a warning about icebergs, but they were ignored. the titanic came up on the iceberg. The titanic tried to move away from the iceberg. The iceberg was huge! "For gods sake it's your last chance go!" said Jacques Futrelle who was a passenger on the titanic. They hit the iceberg. The iceberg caused a gigantic hole in the side of the titanic. The hole caused the titanic to sink. The water was only 28F. The titanic split in half. People had women and children get on the life boats first while the men stayed back and helped. As the people were falling into the water some were able to sail away safely. People froze to death. One thousand-five hundred-and twenty three people died on the titanic died that night on April 15th 1912. In first class 125 people died, in second class 168 people died, in third class 529 people died. Among the crew members 701 people died. Only 705 people were saved.           


     So in conclusion he titanic was know as the unsinkable ship but on April 15th 1912 this proved that even when people planed their best... sometimes it isn't the best.  The unsinkable ship had shank.  



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1: titanic book at home ( "Titanic 100th anniversary")






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