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cassidys reasearch paper

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          Dreams are something we create in our heads. While we are sleeping we take problems and mistakes. We find the answer to the problem or how we made the mistake. We control our dreams with lucid dreaming, understanding our nightmares, and keeping track of our dreams.


          Lucid dreaming is common. Its when you know you are dreaming and than you try to change the course of that dream. Its like if someone was chasing you and you kept running and then you know youre dreaming and you face whatever is chasing you. The person changes the course of that dream. Lucid dreaming is a way people control their dreams.


          Understanding our nightmares is very hard they could mean many things and they can come from different types illnesses or past experiences. But scientist have constructed that gamers people who play video games have a way of understanding and controlling their nightmares. Gamers are used to being in a virtual reality where theyre in control of what happens on the screen. Their dreams translate into nightmares cause they are thinking about there video games and most video games have violence and blood so since they are used to controlling they can control there dreams/nightmares.


          Another way to control our dreams is by keeping track of them.  One way you can do this is by keeping a dream journal. Dream journals are a way of remembering your dreams. Ways of controlling them by using a dream journal is by looking at the journal for answers to problems or mistakes. You can write in your dream journal about what you want to dream about. Draw pictures or write the thing you want to dream about several times cause when you read things one or two times your brain thinks it knows what the words mean. So keeping track of your dreams gives you one a better understanding and two will let you control your dreams better.


            In conclusion people can control dreams in three ways: lucid dreaming, nightmares and keeping track of dreams. Controlling dreams can be difficult and for some people really easy. But if controlling dreams is something you want to do then practice, like the saying “practice makes perfect”. And when you feel you’ve mastered the art than you can teach others to be as cool as you.







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