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Alisha Alexander's Giver Essay

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The Giver Sequel


     Jonas hopped  off the sled at the end of the hill and started running towards the woods, as the weather slowly got warmer.

     "Gabe we're here! We are here! Away...long away from the community and their terrible rules," Jonas shouted. "And the best part, you will no longer be released."

     Jonas then made shelter big enough for Gabe and himself in cause of rain and set Gabe inside to nap. Meanwhile Jonas went on a search for food, but found nothing at all. So, he went back to the shelter and fell asleep.

     Jonas woke up and turned to where Gabe was sleeping but Gabe was no where to be found.

     "Gabe...Gabe?" Jonas said curiously, " Gabe where are you?" Jonas questioned.

     Then a mysterious woman



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