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Timewalker-Febuary 18th, 13

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CHAPTER ONE February 12th, 2013


July 16, 2051. 10:01 am.



Target acquired. Ran down 79thStreet and turned left. Entered a steel house. Didn’t appear on radar. It is confirmed she has it.


This is how I am supposed to write it, in shorthand. But I don’t really buy it. My family is a big one, but that depends on what you call family. There is nothing particularly special about us except for the fact that we use time machines. We have traveled all over the world and around the clock. But I do not really know how to use time machines. I was an unexpected baby and was born in the past. Mom says I was born around 1974, when the current year was 2043. Given that information, I am now around 14 years old. Other than that, my family and I are all the same.


That’s a lie.


Somehow when I was born, the electricity mixed with my DNA and I have been different from them ever since. I can teleport. Going from place to place on a time machine takes days depending how far you plan on going, teleporting takes, lets just say I can get there before one could snap.


My family has been tracking the Hexahedron for centuries. Just recently #17 has acquired it. I’m also #17, and the only time two timecites (that is what we are called) have the same number is when they are siblings. But seriously? I think it is just a coincidence. I am pretty sure she’s just some half-Russian, half-French terminator (or cat woman?). Because otherwise, we would have caught her already. Our branch of timecites has the ability and stamina of 97. That is higher than any timecite branch in the world.


The Hexahedron is a very powerful cube it by intense blue light. The Hexahedron controls all the A+ blood types in the world.


JULY 17th, 2051, 9:50 pm, Cairo.


Entered steel house, programmed into radar. Not here. Found wooden chest in back corner—has been taken for further inspection.


I happen to be A+ blood type. So whatever she does with that cube, she does with my life, and all of the other A+ blood types in the world. I decided to explore the steel house today. As I came closer, I noticed the outside was more of a bronze color. The metal displayed the little gold flecks all around the perimeter of the house. I ran my finger across it. It felt damp. The bronze color rubbed off on my hand, revealing a metallic black-colored metal. I wonder what that is for?


As I searched her house, everything was oddly similar to what I keep in my room: a leather journal, a bed that faces north, and a few other things. The one that caught my eye was the # 17 on the wall, white, diamond-shaped, with blue letters. Peculiarly identical to the one that hangs on my wooden paneled walls. That place sends shivers down my spine.


JULY 19th, 2051. 1:29 p.m. Cairo.


Failed to appear on radar. Theory stated teleportation. Rare scheduled move – July 21, 12:03 a.m. Locate landing area.


Remember how I said we located that house on our radar? That was a lie. It disappeared. Our laboratory force developed a theory that the gold-flecked steel house can teleport. Even when #17 is not inside. This would explain why we had not seen it there before but that would also bring up #17’s ability to teleport. Impossible. As far as anyone knows, I am the only living timecite that has the ability to teleport. I have to figure this out.


JULY 20th, 2051. 11:43 a.m. Cairo


I opened my door this morning after breakfast to find a small envelope with a key attached to it. My key. I sat there staring at it for a minute, puzzled. I decide to open it. I rip open the envelope and pull out a small piece of paper it read:


You dropped your key while you were snooping around in my house. Don’t do it again. Meet me at the house at 6:30 p, sharp.



I guess I’ll go. Maybe I could steal the Hexahedron while I am at it. Better not. I quickly dismiss the thought and walk to the laboratory.


JULY 20th, 2051. 6:03 p.m. Cairo.


I decided to check out the area early because I had nothing else to do.

“You are early,” said a voice from behind. I whipped my head around to reveal a girl with sunset red hair, and sea green eyes. Little gold flecks seemed to dance around in her eyes as she stared at me.

“I guess so.”

“Since you’re early, I say we get down to business.”

She put her hand inside her coat, and revealed a small cube that was illuminated in blue light.

“The Hexahedron,” I whispered with delight.

“Yes. Here is the deal. Teach me to use a time machine and I’ll give you this.” She held the blue-lit cube up to my eye level. She held it so willingly that I almost thought she was telling the truth.


“What is the catch?” I asked suspiciously.

“Look, you and your geek team have probably figured out I can teleport. However I can only teleport when I have this, what do you call it?”

I let out a sigh. “The Hexahedron.”

“Yeah, that. So teach me how to use a time machine, and I will give you this.”

I realized that she must not know the enormous significance of the cube. Also, I don’t really know how to use a time machine.

“Look, #17- .”

“Call me Eryn,” she interrupted.

“Uh, Eyrn, I don’t really know how to use time machines.” There was a long period of silence. I waited for her to answer.

“Then how do you time travel?”

“I just walk, focus on the place I want to go, and I’m there,” I replied. “In other words, I teleport.”

A flash of confusion registered on her face. She sighed deeply and looked up into my eyes.


Why isn’t she pulling out daggers and shooting poison darts from her nails? I thought. If she’s this inexperienced, why is she so hard to track?


Out of all the things she could do next, she did the most unexpected.

“Show me.”

I hesitated. I looked into her eyes, and I saw trust. She waited patiently for me to answer.


Finally I took her hand, and we were gone.


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