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After twenty yeas vs A retrieved reformation

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After twenty years vs. A retrieved reformation 

Saja hamdan 

6th hour 






In the stories "after twenty years and a retrieved reformation" they both have similarities and differences. Both the stories could have ended the same way, but ended with a plot twist. 



Both stories come from a background of wanted men. Both the stories at the end have have an unexpected ending or a plot twist. The main charictor in the story have the name jimmy, one of them change their identity a and the other travels  to go see his friend but is a under cover cop to go see his friend. Bot the jimmy are running away from something that they did in the past but at the end sort of face it. 



In the story After twenty year ,jimmy, the cop came up to bob and asked him question to make sure it was him and also to make sure that the under cover Jimmy could arrest him. In the refi Ed reformation the man ,Jimmy, is running away from his old life or when he broke into banks and away from the police that is trying to arrest him.The police didn't want to arrest his old friend so he put a man under cover so he could arrest him. While the other police pretended that he didn't know him and that he saved the mama bank. In the retried reformation at the end he gets married and live happily ever after. While After twenty years he get arrested by undercover cop. 



In the end you can tell that both the stories are similar in some ways and different in others but never will they be exactly the same. They are so related that they're not even that close to each other. What do you think? 

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