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Writing Portfolio and Reflection ~Teresa~

Page history last edited by Teresa 10 years, 10 months ago

Final Writing Portfolio and Reflection

By: Teresa Nguyen



          I remember and have a lot of memories about English class. I remember some of our stories and essays we wrote, some I hated, some I liked. I also improved a lot in that class that has nothing to do with English! In this reflection, I’m going to be explaining the stories, essays, and improvements that I made.


          The science fiction story was the best story I wrote, and my favorite topic we did the whole semester. Mr. Kabodian also let us watched “The Twilight Zone” which was science fiction which gave me an idea for a science fiction story.  I actually got to be creative, and I included some of my friends name on there. When I started the rough draft right away it was difficult because I couldn’t choose an idea, I had so many ideas! I soon chose my plot of the story and I soon had my revised story down ready to turn in.


          Book of choice review wasn’t my favorite. I only liked half of it. I only liked the reading portion of it. It’s really weird because the creative part of the assignment didn’t appeal to me at all. But I did my report on the book “Scat”. When I first read it I thought it was going to be boring, but I just kept on reading and pretty soon I was into the book! And for the creative part of the assignment I just made a poem about the book to keep it simple.


          To me the myth was “okay”. I guess it was really a slow week for me, so I didn’t really try, but I guess I did okay. I could of at least put some effort into it and try to draw my picture a little bit better and neater. I could’ve also done a better plot on my story.


          I loved The Giver Response. I chose “Make a Sequel to the End of the Giver” and mine turned out pretty awesome. I wrote about Jonas escaping the community and joining some kind or tribe. It was so good Mr. Kabodian put it on the wall! I loved The Giver Response.


          I’ll admit it… I hate the research paper and the work cited. In fact I didn’t like the research paper because of the note cards and due dated weren’t that long so I ended up turning in everything late, but luckily I got my final draft up on the wiki on time. The work cited was awful!!!   It was so confusing! The challenging part was writing down the Work-Cited for websites. But luckily I got it finished.


          I also learned from my mistakes too. The mistakes I made I made in the first semester I fixed by the 2nd. For instance my organization improved. I know where I placed and put everything now. And I also keep track of my planner now too. I also have way more friends than I had before.


          Overall this semester was “okay” I learned a lot but there were sometime I just felt lazy and didn’t feel like doing anything. But I enjoyed the year just hanging out with my friends, I’m going to miss year 2012-2013.


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