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Saja's Review

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Saja hamdan 

6th hour 




i think the amount of feedback can be more descriptive and you can give is more feedback and more time to write our rough drafts and sting class help us edit our paper because you can only get to so many people so split the classes up into three days of feedback and every person is assigned to that group and that group of people get their feedback on a day and split each hour to each day and have dues date for every assignment and when it is due. You can also partner up people and switch papers and they give each other feedback. So it can be easier for you and for the people that need extra feedback. What I do like about the wiki page is that you can organize all your things into one page and you can check it. What I don't like about the wiki page is that not everyone uses it and I think that next year you have to put every big assignment on the wiki page unless exceptions. I also think that we should write outlines for every paper that we did just like the research paper it made everything so much more simple. I also think that for our final exams that we should get our review sheet not only earlier but more descriptive. I do think that this will help you class next year. 



What I learned this year that poetry can not only help you but help you take you emotions out. That bullying video that we say i almost cried because these problems are not only going on but they are happening not only to us but to the people I our schools and we can't see it till we start a fight. Anyway the organization was an issue for my English class because not only did i get papers that hades don't count anymore I also to little assignments for us to keep track of and for that reason it was hard to remember to turn in your stuff. I think that all the feedback that we are given you should take into consideration because it will make your next year class successful.   



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