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END OF THE YEAR REFLECTION!!!  Welcome to my wiki page

WElcome to wiki page ,my name is Aryanna ,i go by ary.I'm in the seventh grade. In my free time i like to watch tv /tv shows,i aslo like to read play my cello and hang out with my family.


this i believe essay  

ary's book review    ary's essays   ary's poem

 my reflection for 1st semester   arys book report

my inspiration poem

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                                                           blue lake

     The time i went to blue was the most fun i  had all summer. I was nervous because i didn't know anybody there. Blue lake is a performing arts camp where musicians can go and learn new things about what they do or play.

         I went to blue lake for the cello,the cello belongs to a music group called strings.Strings has a couple of instruments and they are, the base ,viola,violin and the cello.I started playing cello about two years ago ,and going to blue lake really helped me a lot. For the last day of camp there was a performance for all of the parents picking up their kids.We had plenty of rehearsals so i wasn't nervous. The rehearsals were long and tiring, we had 4 rehearsals .We had our first rehearsal at 8:00 am for an hour and 30 minutes, then we had sectionals .Sectionals is where kids split up into groups and work with adults and that's for 40 minutes. Our third rehearsal was at 1:00 for an hour and fifteen minutes and our last rehearsal was at 4:00 for fifty minutes. That was for two weeks straight .


        The weather was really bad ,it never got any warmer than about fifty degrees outside and it rained basically the whole time i was there. We had to walk to the cafeteria and that was about five to seven minutes. we had alot of performances to go to ,we went to orchestra and opera performances ,they were really long.


       I was Happy basically the whole time i was there ,i made friends who i adore and love. Two of them play the cello so that's awesome ,we picked a name for my cello so all of our cellos could have names.They helped me pick out the best name ever. DANZA!  


  I will never forget the time i went to blue lake,it was an awsome experience not just for me but also DANZA.









Your Wiki Page

This is your individual wiki page for 7th grade English.  You can delete some or all of these words after you read them and make this page look the way you want it to look.  (You'll still be able to see them in the Page History link) 


You will be graded on your wiki at several points this school year:

  • you will have the option of posting your final drafts on your wiki page; other times it will be a requirement.  Either way, you will receive credit on those assignments for your efforts and for the quality of your post

  • you will have a Writing Portfolio grade due at the end of each semester (January and June).  More information about this assignment is on theWriting Portfolio page


Here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • as part of the school code in the student handbook, you agree to use this wiki responsibly
    • please do not put others down or use profanity (or upload any songs/videos that use profanity)
      • consequences include loss of wiki privileges, loss of school computer use, parent call, and/or suspension  
    • keep any comments you make on other wiki pages positive and school-focused 
  • make your page uniquely yours 
    • share your hobbies, activities, favorite sport teams, extra writing...
  • use your time well when we have computer time 
    • this means that you don't talk too much and/or be distracted by your friends when you have time to work
    • this also means that you try your hardest and do your best
    • if you don't finish your assignments in the time allowed, it becomes homework 
  • part of the fun of wikis, and websites in general, is that you can create links to other websites
    • if you include something about Yellowstone National Park in your writing, you can create a link to it
      • find the web address for Yellowstone National Park and copy it (right click, Copy)
      • highlight the word you want to be the link (Yellowstone, for example)
      • on this page (in Edit mode), click on the chain link above that says "Add Link"
      • click on Save in the lower left corner and then see if it worked
  • here are a couple tips when changing the background color
    • for some reason, pbwiki's editing program doesn't seem to allow a whole page background change (if you figure it out, let me know).  So, you may have to fill in the section in which you want to change the color; you can do this by using the Tab key on your keyboard.  Tab through the area, then highlight it.  Then go up to the Background Color tab (above, left) and change the color to one you like
    • make sure you choose a color isn't too dark; the font color (black, for example) needs to be able to be read over your background color (brown background would make a black font hard to read).
  • here are a couple tips regarding font choice
    • please stay somewhat consistent with your font choice; it's easier to read than... if it changes too often
    • try to make the font size of titles a bit larger; you can use the Format area above and choose a Heading
  • keep your wiki page organized
    • feel free to add a page that's linked to your page if you want; it's a good idea to make a link back to your page
    • if you add photos, include brief captions about what's going on or who is in the photos or why the photo is on your wiki (no last names, please) and give credit to the source of the photos
    • you can make folders on the Side Bar area; maybe a folder for each of your other three Core areas (Social Studies, Science, and Math) and/or a Hobbies Folder
  • please do not add plugins right away; we will get there at some point















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