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KALEB's Wiki Page



Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: ec4338f5582e4f8eb00554a3138e4c3e




My personal narrative story First Football Game 

My Book Review The Outsiders Book Review By Kaleb

My Inspiration Poem Kaleb Elam's Inspiration Poem

My Persuasive Essay Kaleb Elam's Persuasive Essay 

My 1st Semester Reflection Kaleb Elam's 1st semester reflection

My Winter Poem Kaleb Elam's Poem

My Historic Report Kaleb Elam's Historic Report

My Summary Sequel Kaleb Elam's The Giver Summary Sequel

My Climate change Essay Kaleb Elam's Climate Change Essay

My This I Believe Essay Kaleb Elam's This I believe Essay

My 2nd Semester Reflection Kaleb Elam's 2nd Semester Reflection

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joe said

at 9:40 am on Sep 26, 2013

do you like the eagles? i couldnt tell ;)

mala said

at 7:58 pm on Nov 7, 2013

You dont have any fans...
You do nothing cool in the world
When have you ever sung?
I dont like what I see...it's creepy

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