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Gavin B

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Your Wiki Page

     Hi i'm Gavin welcome to my wiki page for 7th grade english. I'm a big reader, yankees fan, stats lover and a conisuer of choclate milk. 

My personal narrative: 


     It happened in August, we were having a good time at our grandparents house with some of our cousins and there 4 year old daughter apparently this kid had over indulged on sugar the first noticeable signs of this came about an hour after dinner. We were sitting around the table playing bee attitudes when this 4 year old sugar possessed kid ran in making odd noises then she started successive screaming to be funny. Emily who had gotten tired of this the first time she heard this started to tell her this was not funny but if she was quiet she was this took time to sink in so I went into the quiet room of the house (if you want to know the condense there were 2 bookshelves full of books 2 comfy chairs and 2 nice couches) and took a book I had been reading of the shelve agenda 21. As I was reading this I heard my sister say to Elizabeth (the name of the child) “go and scream at your dad” (he was sleeping on the couch in the same room as I was with a ww2 book slumped beside him). I immediately laughed to myself then thought “Oh boy, I’ll have someone come in and scream at me” soon enough 1 or 2 minutes later this tiny girl came in and screamed louder than her body should have been able to. Her father told her not to scream and I went back to my book but five, ten minutes later Elizabeth came back and screamed her father who was very annoyed, told her not to scream. After this who seemed bent on causing trouble decided she wanted to cause trouble decided she wanted to go outside and because of this she went and asked Lizzy who she had been bossing around all day if she would take her outside. My mom, who was tired of Lizzy getting bossed around, told Elizabeth Lizzy could not go outside. Now Elizabeth who had been expecting Lizzy to come outside with her was disappointed . . . in fact very disappointed . . . in fact she began to cry which was annoying her father it annoyed her so much that he relented and took her outside with the pint sized, sugar possessed kid. Now I wanted a break from my book I came and sat down in the TV room which besides the TV it had a closet full of toys. Elizabeth who had gotten bored of the outdoors decided to be “funny” and came in and screamed and left but 5 minutes later she came and screamed again. I closed the door hoping Elizabeth would not come in again andscream but au contraire, the door opened and who else was behind the door but the little mastermind continuing her assault on our family. I closed the door hoping this would not last much longer but of course she came again by this time I was so tired of these attacks I hid in the double doored bathroom locking the doors I thought about this little kids attacks and what she had done, soon I got bored of the bathroom and went back in the room prepared to escape through the bathroom if necessary Elizabeth opened the wood door right then I escaped through the bathroom but Elizabeth ready for the chase I went down the hall but Elizabeth relentless as ever chased  after me I escaped into the room which I had been in previously which was now populated with talkers and sat on the couch Elizabeth came in raised her hands and . . . hissed at me! Then she did it again! Finally she left the room and I was free to talk but just as they were about to leave Elizabeth had her final strike. Who knew princess loving 4 year olds could be so much trouble.           



The Scarlet Pimpernel book review 



By Gavin

                In the 1980’s a man named Bill James started writing abstracts. This is what started most statistical arguments, now many people have started to cling to statistics and have been trying to prove why theirs is the best. I feel strongly about a statistic called ERA+ (100* League ERA/ERA adjusted to park effects). People should start using ERA+ because it has a good root statistic, it adjusts to park effects and it can compare players from different eras. This would be a good statistic for everyone to start using.

                First, ERA+ is a very good statistic; it has its roots in ERA. ERA is calculated by Earned Runs/Innings Pitched *9 meant to be earned runs per 9 innings or Earned Run Average. ERA is a good stat because it relies heavily on the pitcher and not anyone else. Anyone should know that stats like win-loss and winning% are mainly decided by the team. ERA is good but relies too much on when and where the player is playing. That’s why ERA+ was created, ERA+ is calculated by 100* league ERA/ERA then adjusted to park effects meant to compare a player to an average player (with 100 being average) then adjusting to the league and park effects, creating a good unbiased way to compare players.

                Second, there are many different types of ballparks; they are all different in one way or another: Fenway Park has the green monster a gigantic wall very close to home plate, or Dodger Stadium whose mound wasn’t always league regulation, or Coors Field with an atmosphere so light the ball would fly. In fact in 2000 there was a gigantic difference in run scoring from park to park; in Coors field players would score 25% more while in Petco Park they would score 92% of the average. In 2000 a pitcher for the Colorado Rockies (Brian Bonanon) had an ERA of 4.68, according to baseball-reference if he had pitched for an average team his ERA would be 3.69, .99 points lower, almost a full run per 9 innings would be shed if he pitched for an average team, this is how much it changes. Another example of park effects is the 1968 Dodgers the best pitcher had an ERA of 2.88 his ERA would have been raised to 3.28. if he had pitched in an average park opposing teams would have scored 14% more against him, the difference between parks is bigger than people realize and ERA+ adjusts for that.

                      Finally, one of the worst offensive eras in baseball was 1968, Pitchers had an average ERA of 2.99, less than 3 earned runs per game 2 players had ERAs under 2 now I would like to take you to 2000, teams scored 4.91 runs per game 1.98 more than 1968 in fact 67% more, just 1 player had an ERA under 2 and the next closest (Rodger Clemens) HAD AN ERA HIGHER THAN THE 1968 LEAGUE AVERAGE, (3.7). Now I’d like to compare the 2 best pitchers of each era Bob Gibson (1968) had an ERA of 1.12 while Pedro Martinez had an ERA of 1.78 about 159% of Bob Gibson’s ERA yet… according to ERA+ Pedro Martinez had the better season, in fact the 2ndbest season of all time and the best sense 1880 his ERA was 35% of the league almost a third of an average players ERA  while Bob Gibson’s was 37% of the league even though his ERA was .62 points lower than Pedro Martinez, this is a crazy difference a player can have an ERA 159% of another player but still be the better player. This is very important and can’t be ignored.

                In conclusion, I would like to return to Pedro Martinez and his 2000 season. According to ERA it was the 106th best season of all time, according to strike outs it is the 83rd best of all time and according to wins it does not crack the top 500, but ERA+ is able to get past biases of ERA, park and team to rate him 2nd best of all time. So ERA+ is a good stat because it has a good root statistic, it adjusts to park effects and can compare players from different eras.


Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: 97159730e8e94fe18ae9c8ee2f4bd823


            I was asked to write a reflection on the first semester. Here it is!

The main thing in English this year was writing (like I am doing right now) one of the hardest things in writing was getting my work onto the wiki at home and sometimes at school my work would not save onto the wiki or the wiki would not let me edit because of my computer (causing late assignments); another problem I faced was the size of the wiki verses the size of word causing my poem to get distorted because of excessive space baring. But near the end of the semester I did all my work at school so I did not have any problems with the last 2 assignments (or this one). The length of time was good but not (for expanded with some projects). It was not because we usually only had a day or two to write (mostly at home) but it harder projects (but typing was a pain if you did not start from the beginning. But it was also good because we had more time to study other topics. I liked how we could choose in all the writing projects to work alone which is easier for me.

The writing topics were a whole different matter themselves, our first topic (personal narratives) was good because we spent some time but not much time on the topic (it was almost a review and we have worked a lot on personal narratives before). I really liked the book of choice assignment (partly because I liked reading) which was good for learning and reviewing literary terms. The persuasive essay was good. It was fun to wright on something that I am obsessed about. I would just have preferred for us to choose our own topics from the start not have to see if I could do one on a list of topics I did not care about. The PSA was one of my favorites getting to use the computer to make our PSA and get to learn how to use Photo Story. We also got a lot of time to work on what we were doing so I could make mine great.

But school was not just about writing, I learned about making the most of your options and jumping on opportunities to get ahead of the curve, including remembering finished extra credit assignments and doing homework on the first day you get so you do not have a big pile of home work the next day (and doing self-work at home). I learned Spanish is best when you try to study and use it whenever you can or you will have a hard time keeping up your grade. I learned about the use of folders (and not having everything together in a binder that is dying) so you can get to stuff soon (even though your folders soon comes apart) and save time. I learned about the annoyance of blinding colors and how not to use them, partially for others. I learned about saving, because programs will annoy each other and not work or crash. I also learned the value of going to the teacher before class to figure something out which has saved me a lot of trouble. One of the final things I have come to realize is school is for education and is a necessary part in our lives and affects everything we do no matter how much we like or dislike it.


A Poem on the State of the World

Some people say

The world is

                             Getting better and better

                                           Badder and Badder

                                          Horibler and Horibler


They say

It was better

"In those good old days"


Just living

                                             On a farm

                                             In the forest

                                            On the prairie


They say


There are so many distractions

It is

                                                          Not easy




But others

See it differently

For them

                            It's getting better and better

                                                Greater and greater

                                                Gooder and gooder

They say

Now a-days

Technology has made leaps and bounds

Just look





They say

Back then

It was impossible to get anything done

Just look

                                                                        No cars

                                                                        No plains

                                                                        No Machines!

And they argue like government officials

We can not live like this

You can not stop progress

You can stop progress for progress sake




But there is no going back

It just will not be the same

Lets just be happy...

                                    Where we are

How the minors became slaves to the majors


My research project 


The minor leagues are now hidden in the shadow of the majors but it has not always been so. The minors used to be fully independent of the majors. There was no such thing as a “farm system” until 1921, no 40 man September, and no minor leaguers at spring training. In fact they were almost as good as the majors and sometimes players were paid better. There was an obvious difference.

                The 1stminor league was created in 1877, the International Association. It was independent of any major league. The amount of minor league teams fluctuated between 1877 and 1901 when the NABPL was formed now known as Minor League Baseball (MiLB), it was formed in the wake of the Western League making the jump to become a major league (now known as the American League or A.L.), which caused squabbles between them and the National League or N.L.. This was caused when they started sighing players who played for the N.L. and the other leagues were worried about them taking their players for nothing. This caused 14 leagues to band with Patrick T. Powers (who soon became the president of the league) so the Major leagues could not affect them and soon that number was up to 35.

                At this point the minors were still free of the majors and the only way others could take their players was through an agreement to take the players contract for a price. Fans were as interested in their local team as the majors. You did not go to a ballgame to see the future major league stars but to cheer your team on in a pennant race and hope that they would win. Yet the majors did not like it this way and mostly because of one person who ‘horded’ players on his great Baltimore orioles teams, Jack Dunn.


                Jack Dunn and his Baltimore Orioles started in 1908 but were soon run out of town because of the Federal League Baltimore club in their (unsuccessful) 2 year attempt to become a 3rd major league. He was forced to sell his star player including Babe Ruth. But after the Federal league’s demise the Baltimore club left town and Jack Dunn was back at it starting the best run of years for any minor league franchise. Dunn ran his team like a small business and acquired all the stars he could and would not sell them to the major leagues. He was very successful from the beginning. In 1919 he went 100-40 (win-loss), in 1920 he went 110-43, he continued his dominance in 1921 when he went 119-47, in 1922 he went 115-52, in 1923 he went 111-53, in 1924 he went 117-48, and in the last great



 year 1925 he went 105-61 totaling 667-304 with a .690 winning percentage. It was  possibly the greatest run of years by any franchise, because he did not sell off his players and when he finally did sell his great players (because he had kept them) he got gobs of money, including awesome deals (for those times).This included being paid $106000 for Lefty Grove (who had won 108 games with the orioles). This was an extravagant amount, but because he was doing this the other teams were getting jealous of his success because they were selling off their players having made agreements with major league teams to sell of their best players contracts for $5000 each, and because of the other teams jealousy they would become the finally team to succumb to selling of their stars to other teams, allowing more star talent to escape to the majors.


                A little bit after the Baltimore orioles finally started to become a successful baseball team, in 1921, a General Manager named Branch Rickey had an idea he was going to buy some of the minor league teams so he did not have to pay for the players contracts (this had been tried before by Charles Somers in 1914 he bought a minor league team called the Waterbury frolickers of the Eastern Association but abandoned it after a few years because of world war one). He started by buying 18% of the Houston Buffalos then acquired control of Fort Smith and bought the Syracuse Stars of the International league; by 1940 he owned 800 players and WHOLE LEAUGES. Then in 1926 they won their first pennant and they also won the pennant in 1928, 1930, 1931 and 1942. His farm was also giving him the ability to sell of his over the hill stars when he had the players to replace them from the minors. Yet he was also opposed in this matter by the commissioner, Landis a man famous for taking betting out of baseball he viewed this as a threat to the game but eventually lost the battle with Rickey. Rickey also started farm systems with the Dodgers and Pirates making one of his many big changes to baseball.

                Now almost all of the minors have been made into farm systems, besides a few independent leagues and they have made many other innovations to baseball to get their players to the majors quicker. One of the biggest changes to help teams evaluate their minor league talent is spring training. Much of the major league teams will have their best minor leaguers to test them against other good minor leaguers and major leaguers including the 15 minor leaguers on the major league 40 man roster, this has caused that the good minor leaguers can get to the majors more quickly. The September call up has also caused for more minor leaguers to get called up to the majors every September (15) because they expand the amount of players to 40, to test their ability’s against star talent.

                In conclusion, the minor leaguers have had an easier path to the majors than ever before, from the International Association, to the effects of the amazing Baltimore teams and their ability to sell of their great players to now where Branch Rickey’s idea of a farm system has changed minor league baseball in a crazy way to the point where it is much easier to get star talent than ever before.

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Comparing the False Princewith the Queens Thief

                Have you ever read two books that were very similar (but still very good)?  The false prince and the queen’s thief are very similar stories but also have major plot differences.

                The queen’s thief and the false prince are very similar stories. They take place in a medieval setting with warring countries, with a character trying to use the main character to stop war but for different reasons. The main characters are orphans trying to cover up their true identity having both ran off when they had important positions, they are also very similar because they are good at swordsmanship and are sarcastically funny.  They both have surprise endings where the characters reveal their true identity. Likewise both have people who beat up the main characters. They are very fun books that are exiting to read.

                On the other hand they have very big plot differences. The main character in the false prince is groomed to be a fake king (even though he already is), while in the queen’s thief the main character is forced to help steal a stone. The main character is hidden in his own country in the false prince while in the queen’s thief he is hidden in a different country than his own. The main character in the queen’s thief is more calm while in the false prince the main character is more fiery and pushy.

                These are very similar stories with similar strong willed characters who are hidden in a medieval period and have surprise endings, however they have very big plot differences because the main point in the queen’s thief is to steal a stone while in the false prince it is to steal the throne and the main character is a more pushy fiery person. In conclusion they are very similar stories with major plot differences.

    Giver Ending Rewrite


     Jonas hopped onto his father's bicycle and put Gabe in the back seat, he started out fast and accelerated, faster than they would ever let him ride in the community and speed up to the border... and past it, suddenly he had a mind lapse, where was he, oh yes, riding out of the community but then he noticed something he had no memories from the giver they just vanished. But he saw color, many colors as he biked out the front gate. He saw grey mice being chased by a snake, slithering and hissing loudly. He also saw foxes speeding between trees like orange blurs after large rabbits, and there were also dangling green vines which had small furry orange animals on them; he was amazed by all the different animals which he had never seen.

    After a few hours of this wonder land he heard a loud hum he looked back and saw a group of people on big black bikes without petals wearing weird jackets and they were gaining on him. They made a semi-circle blocking the foliage on his side and he was going faster than they ever had. He looked forward again and saw a wall with people with sticks with sharp points guarding a whole in the center like statues he speed through the whole before they could stop him but as the bikers came they speared the wheels stopping them short.

     Jonas picked up Gabe and dropped the bike  to go to talk to the people who were all staring at him.

     "I'm Jonas" he said, "and I am from the community.

     "We are too," someone said. "And I am Rosemary the Givers daughter."

     This is a village for escapees, this is where they live" she said. "and the year is 4000 B. C."



     The fact of global warming is real yet their is nothing we can do about it. We have little control over other contrys CO2 emitions or even our own but it is happening and their is only one way to stop it, solar energy, hanessing the sun and other clean energys our our only choice.

     Some may say global warming is not happening but it is a real thing. The globe is warming at a spread that has never been seen before, the ice glaciers have melted more in the past 10 than in the previous 100. The amount of green house gases is almost directly correlated whit the warming of the earth proving the green house gas diagrams. The water level in many areas is rising making it easier for diseases and bacteria to spread and also natural disasters. Yet some say it dose not matter, but it is corroding shores, creating more storms killing wildlife, and destroying the food web.

     Another problem facing us is we have little ability over other country's co2 productions. The biggest industrial countries and the most dangerous  are the least likely to stop and their are still a lot of little country's out their creating more green house gas emitions, and, even if we did go back to no cars, computers or T. V. etc. ,like many people are saying, we would still let out Co2 from fires which would be very common without electricity, this is why we need to focus on the sun, the only thing which will help on a large scale.

     Also there are many types of renewable energy we can focus on . We can use wind power which can help pull us along or geothermic power can help us or maybe we can focus on the water which can produce energy all day long with tital harness and dams. Some say it is too far off to hope renewable energy's will save us b7ut back in the 1800s many things were ran by running streams and we do have renewable energies but they are cheap and inexpensive but there is much room for improvement and we can still use them well. Not only the sun but other energys will help us.

     The most important point and the one I want to drill in your brains in the power of solar power. Solar energy is the key to our futer. Every hour the sun beats on the earth with enough energy to power it for a year, it is almost inexhaustible. It is also rapidly dropping in cost according to blomberg in 1977 it was $76.67 per watt and now it is just $.74 per watt and their are many advances forecasted to come soon. The expensiveness of solar energy is quickly becoming a myth. Now some may say it takes up too much space but if we turned our abandoned factories unto solar plants we would have 90% of the power for the U.S. and just 4% of the desert could supply the whole world, but you may say it can not be used at night the most important time, well it actually can with 80% efficiency we can compress air or pump water to save energy or use batteries and according to how stuff works we can store energy using heat, we just have to make it more efficient which will also improve as solar energy improves. This is how we will save the world.

     Global warming is happening and we need to do something about it and now the only thing we can do about it is channel solar energy,it can decrease temperature rise by 4-6 degrees farinhight and is the one and only way we can stop this disaster, solar energy is the futer of mankind.



I believe in family

                I believe in family. I think family is very important; they can guide you through life’s struggles or just make everyday life a little bit better. My family has helped me over and over again, from help with baseball and golf to encouragement to help keep me going.

            My dad has been a very important person in my life, science I was however little I remember him making sentences on word I had to read, and let my write gibberish on it afterwards then having me read books to him, he helped me with math when he gave me more than the school gave me by taking time out of the day to write sheets of math homework for me to do and eventually got me an algebra textbook so I could work on my own when he was at work or running, I used to complain especially early on  but now that I have the advantages from those early starts I see how helpful that was. He has also helped me improve with baseball and golf practicing and giving me tips.

          My mom has also been very important in my life, she has always been at home ready to hear my stories about how the day went or play a game, when I have had tough times in my life she has helped me even when I don’t notice it, I remember in 3rd grade when they didn’t announce my birthday on the speakers at the beginning of the week and I was feeling depressed and I came home depressed and sad and told my mom how the day went and how they left my birthday off the speakers, my mom without telling me had called the school and on my birthday over the speakers announcements they announced my birthday and I was very happy after.

            My sisters have also been big benefactors in my life, they have been a great inspiration, my sister Natalie who is teaching in Utah has always called on the phone and wanted to talk to me and recommend books and talk to me about my day. My sister Emily who I can’t talk to right now because she is serving a mission in Washington but when she was home she would always be ready to play a game of Yatzee or “front room football or baseball” and encourage me, and my little sister Lizzy had always encouraged me and come to my baseball games when she probably didn’t want to.

            My whole family has been helpful to me and I believe families can be the most important thing you have, this is what I believe.



Reflection of 7th Grade


By any account 7th grade has been an interesting year from a 3 hour lock-down to the crazy teachers’ discovery videos in Spanish.  One of the biggest things was writing assignments one of the interesting things I found this semester were the amount of small writing assignments like the book comparison essay and the giver ending rewrite which only took a day to write and another couple to get on the wiki, those never really troubled me because they were so short and we quickly got through them. My favorite essay was the research project in which I got to look up my own topic and I enjoyed learning more about the minor leagues and the essay was very fluid and easy to write(well, mostly if don’t count the student distractions). It was probably the most enjoyable project we had. On the flip side the least enjoyable project was the Global Warming unit, because I struggled with putting my thoughts into words because they were when picking a side on the argument neither here nor there and did not really fit with either side. Overall the writing projects were interesting getting to try different types of writing and styles, though when it came to writing a regret I had was we never got to write Sci-Fi even though we had a Sci-Fi unit and was exited to actually write science fiction.

                When it came to other class work my favorite was reading the giver, though I kind of jumped the gun and finished the book on the 2nd or 3rd day because it was so exiting. We did some with the text book but only spent a little time answering the questions when in 6th grade that was one of the big parts of our literature classes. I also liked watching the Truman show, and thought it was very interesting especially after reading the giver. I also liked the sci-fi unit digging into the deeper parts of Sci-Fi and writing it, tough the twilight zones creaped me out

               Some things I learned when writing is to watch for run on sentences because when you get too into writing something or just want to finish it, you forget about punctuation (and spelling). I also felt this year I learned more about how helpful the teachers are when you have some problem, this year with the many technological difficulties (and other difficulties) I had many times I needed a question answered or a little more time on my project because my computer was lagging. I also learned how annoying other 7th graders can be, and how you need to learn how to really focus because of them and use them as a good non-example of how you should behave.

               This year I felt was smooth but another thing I had to go through was the 7th grade maturities drop and the change in language, learning how to be with if you want a calm and peaceful environment, it was a big transition being able to deal with the language idealisms but by the end of the year I have found how to ignore them. I also had to deal with doing projects in a group by myself because the others in my group were to busy laughing to listen, and also ignore annoying group members trying to corrode the group.

          I felt this year was a good experience and now that it is almost over I feel I have learned a lot, how to work with Google drive, work with calculators, conjugate Spanish verbs and have conversations using basic vocab, factoring the square, learning about the periodic table, and learning about other parts of the world. I feel it has been a good year and I have taken a lot from it and amazed it is over.


















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Go tigers!!

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I like how Jonas enjoyed the animals in your re-write. Rosemary's appearance was a good idea, too.

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