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When I got surgery

Page history last edited by kobe 10 years, 6 months ago

          I use to have a snake tongue. Until I went to the doctors, so what they did is they numbed me so I couldn't feel anything. But the problem is that I inhaled to much of the gas, made me a little tipsy, it felt like a dream... like as if I was living in a dream my whole life, like I could just get up and fly. 


     So a little while after, they started the surgery on my tongue finally. They stuck a laser under it, and it tasted weird, kind of like a burnt rubber or something like that. It was really nasty.


     The surgery took about 20 minutes tops, and when they finished my numbness started to fade away. And I could feel how bad and painful my tongue felt, it hurt so bad that my doctor told me not to chew anything. I could only drink like smoothies, I couldn't speak either, I was kind of slurring my words. Couldn't do anything about it either. There was nothing good about this day at all. It was the worst day of my life....


     I just couldn't wait till I went to sleep, so I couldn't feel anything about my tongue or on my tongue. Just the peace of sleeping... Again there was nothing good about that day, until I went to sleep...  




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