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What School Has Taught Me

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My personal narrative --- Things I Learned From School

It all started on my first couple weeks of kindergarten.  We learned to have a

Positive attitude.  Over the past years they taught me to have good sportsmanship,

Like if my team lost to say something  like good game or something like that.  In the

Third-grade I was told never cheat, which means keep your eyes on your  own paper.

Also never give up, because if you give up too easily or if you give up too early your not

Working to the best of all your abilities. In the 6th grade I got suspended for saying something that was on my mind, it wasn’t vey nice either. They taught me not to always say what’s on my mind or watch what I say, because it can get you in trouble.  Now that suspension is on my permanent record. –CA60.

And your CA60 is what schools will look at too see if they want to accept you or not, and if your record says you have a long history of trouble and suspensions , the school wont want to accept you.  That’s what ive learned over the years.

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