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Orlando, Florida

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Personal Essay

Joanna B. 4th Period

         Orlando, Florida        


     "Joanna, this is the house we're living at here." My aunt, Josephine explained, as we slowly drove onto the driveway. "Umm... Okay. How big is this house?" I asked, looking at the clay semi-modern house she rented. "6,000 square feet," my aunt replied. "Why don't you go in?" I nodded, eagerly. As I walked up to the door, I noticed it was locked with a password.


     "What's the password?" My sister, Jessica asked. "6/3/0/7." My aunt said, coming up to us, with my parents lugging our two giant luggage. "Kay." Jessica yelled as we entered the house. I looked up from the floor and noticed that it was designed top to bottom with luxury. Formal dining room, cute kitchen, sub-zero fridge, island/stools, and an eat in kitchen. "WOW!" I yelled. I looked to my right and left and noticed there was a mud room underneath the stairs that was a L-Shaped design, with a huge curve in the middle, with a cushioned bench, huge living room/fireplace, and French doors leading out to the pool.


     "Jo-anna!" My little cousins, Bella, Ty, Jean-Ethan yelled, jumping on me. "Oph." I grunted, as I fell down onto the chilly stone floor. "Bella, Ty, Jean-Ethan please get off me." I said. "Fi-fine." Jean-Ethan screamed. "No! Me first!" Bella screamed, fighting with Jean-Ethan. Ty got off me, and ran to his mom, who we call T, for short. "Bella, let your little brother go first." I said, to my little cousin, Bella. "NO!" Bella shouted, crying. I looked around, searching for help. "Jessica!" I yelled. No reply. "Mom?" I shouted.


     "Yes?" She shouted. I looked around, searching where my mom was. "Mph!" I said, as Jean-Ethan covered my mouth. "Coming!" My mom shouted. "HELP!" I yelled, with wide eyes when the devil siblings started jumping on me like I was a trampoline. "Alright." My mom said, lifting them up one by one and then setting them back on the ground, while I quickly got up afraid that they would get on me again. "Bella, Jean-Ethan," I said. "Go to grandma's room to sleep." "Fi-fine." They grumbled. I sighed in relief, 'Finally, they're going to sleep.' I thought, 'they were hyper.' Climbing the stairs, I felt like it was taking so long just to climb these stairs. "I might just use the elevator next time." I grumbled, reaching the last step, after what felt like 20 minutes.


     I flopped on the canopy bed, while my sister go the roll-out bed from the bunk bed. "Let's swim." I said. "At night?" My sister said, stating the obvious. "Yes." Is aid, changing into my swimsuit and took the lift downstairs. I ran out jumped in the pool. "Hey!" I yelled as my sister splashed me. "Hey loser." My sister joked. I glared at her. "Okay! I'm sorry!" My sister yelled, bursting out laughing. "It's okay, Jerk." I said, grinning. "Girls! Go to sleep, it's midnight." My mom yelled, walking out. "Okay, mom!" Jessica said, hopping out from the pool, then helping me up because we were in the 5 feet area which was now like 7 feet because we were playing and swimming while it rained.


     "Go to bed." My mom complained. "No." My sister objected. "Yeah, no. It's summer break and this is once in a life time chance in 2013 that we're in Florida in the summer time, mom." I stated. "Fine," My mom sighed. "Go to bed soon, don't stay up too late! Are you going to Disney World tomorrow with T, Timothy and Ty or Juliana, Bella, Jean-Ethan and Cari?" "T, Timothy and Ty is fine." Jessica replied. "Yeah, I agree with Jessica." I said to my mom, drying off with my towel. "Alright girls. Go to sleep soon." My mom said, once again. "Alright, mom!" Jessica said, clearly annoyed with our mom.



End of Story.




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bruna said

at 11:52 am on Sep 25, 2013

love it!

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