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Brothers (Personal Narrative)

Page history last edited by amnak 10 years, 6 months ago

                     Brothers (Personal Narrative)


Having a little brother is annoying. Having a big brother is even more annoying. And not having a sister is yet the biggest annoyance. I mean big brothers are going to boss you all day! Little brothers are going to annoy you and at the end, all he'll do is cry. Once, (it's a really stupid example) he was writing an essay on his friend. He spelled his friend's name "Ajrian", when it was supposed to be "Adrian". I was like dude it's not a 'j' it's a 'd', it's just pronounced kinda like that, and he's like it's my friend, I know better. He kept arguing until he went and told on me for being annoying. And at the end, I got blamed for that. Big brothers think they have a right to get respect from sisters, no matter if it's a little sister or big. And they don't even care about your efforts at all! I mean, I clean my room, the living room, AND his room. Not because I have to, but because it gets so messy that I can't stand it. And just after ten minutes of my cleaning, you'll see the house, and it'll look like a violent tornado has just hit. When I ask them both why they did it, they tell me I'm a "Cleanliness Freak" And I care too much. So yeah. Now I don't tell on them. I just stay silent on their taunting. Even though I love them a lot, I always envy those people who have sisters. It's a vacuous reason to envy about but I can't help it. I mean, when I see girls sharing stuff with their sisters, and me sitting there like a fool, and thinking  who should I tell my secrets, my feelings to? Then I realize I have no one to share with.Now, clearly, you can't tell everything to brothers. And you can't tell everything to your mom either. It's not like I'm doing something bad, but it's just that mothers can't be sisters. They way sisters can understand you, and your nature, no one can understand it. At first, I used to get attached to my girl cousins a LOT, because I didn't have a sister. But they all have sisters, and apparently, they don't need me like that. I still love them but cousins are cousins, they can't be sisters. Being in the middle one is hard. Big ones get all the attention, and little ones get all the love. Sometimes I get so frustrated, that I start crying. Then what I do, is write. Whatever that I feel or think. Sometimes I start blaming God. Then I realize not everything is the way we want it to be. Life wouldn't be life, without problems, without tears, without fights. So then I close the "not having a sister" drawer. I love my brothers, but they're sure annoying, and I'll always wish to have a sister, who would care about what I feel. And after writing all this, my heart feels much lighter. You know? ;) :D

Comments (4)

AKabodian said

at 1:33 pm on Sep 28, 2013

Thanks for sharing your feelings about this. You write with such honesty and candor. I really like how you "tell it like it is" instead of trying to sugarcoat it.

amnak said

at 7:46 pm on Oct 3, 2013

Thanks, Mr.Kabodian. Since I'm so frustrated with them, the honesty comes out naturally! :D

thao said

at 11:48 am on Oct 17, 2013

Geez, amna, you have a worse relationship with your brother than i do. :/

amnak said

at 9:00 pm on Nov 14, 2013

Lol Thao! You just have one brother to deal with, while I have two! :p

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