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My First Professional Soccer Game

Page history last edited by kosta 10 years, 6 months ago

     Once we were about to leave a beautiful cottage in Saint Nicholas in Greece i got a really exciting inviting invitation by my cousin. But my cousin isn't any ordinary cousin, he is a professional soccer player!  So, he invited me to the opening game of his season for his former team.


     The only problem was that I had to wait 3 long weeks. But the time past because i went to hangout with my other cousins and go to the beach.


     But then came the big day. On the ride there was so much traffic in the city. We were lucky to find a parking spot near by. By near by i mean 7 blocks away.


     Then came the moment, passing through the entrance of the stadium looking at past photos of the team. Now I took a deep breath then walk into the humongous stadium full of people. Luckily because my cousin was in the team I got V.I.P. seats.


     "Tweet"  the game started! Immediatly  the other half of the stadium exploded throwing confetti, taking their shirts off, chanting. Doing as much as they can to support their team.


     As time went by the other team had a chance "tweet" "penalty" We gave a penalty!!!  Everyone was yelling at the referee because it was a bad call. But all he did was ignore the fans.


     So the opposing player stepped up... he shoots! The keeper saved it my cousin save the penalty!!!! Everyone was cheering!


     A couple minutes later we had a chance our player passed it to another, he was open. Once het got it everyone yelled SHOOOT!!!!! GOALLLLLLLLLLL




     We won the match and my cousin got man of the match!


     And that was one of my highlight in my trip to Greece.

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